Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Summary Dismissal

Posts may come and posts may go. They go more often than they come, these days. Some net issues so I keep losing (Digression on this coming up, later) these long drawn out posts I have been writing for you, loyal reader...

Several occurrences have occurred at the Kenny household. In bullet points (Rohini-style):
  • The monster has a brand new passport. She looks more than ever like the husband in the foto therein. Hmph.
  • I have a new passport as well. Between the three of us, we now have 8 blue booklets. I might have to buy a new travel bag, or begin to travel separately from the look-alikes.
  • I *might* be overworked. And under-appreciated. And overall genuinely pissed off today because my wonderful 11km run was spoilt.
  • I have two spectacular wounds on my two legs due to monkey crawl on a rope 10 days ago. They ooze. They bleed. They crust over with gooey stuff. They blacken. They blue-en (and why not?). I am very proud of them. But they fucking hurt and burn many times. But, really, in looks, spectacular. I should post you all a foto.
  • We went to the Maldives. My wounds came along and hung out demurely, ocean-side. I love islands. I love the idea of running round and round islands in the sand and sitting in the ocean water. Well, I had to run in the gym. And let the ocean water sit itself. So ha.
  • I did play volleyball, which was fun. I hid the wounds behind giant bandaids, but still got sand in them and had to suffer for it. But the volleyball itself? Fun.
  • I finished my 30 day challenge anyhow. I did 30 continuous push-ups on 29 Jan, with the blue blue ocean behind me and the monsters counting at me and telling me I am crazy.
  • I plan to do Suryanamaskars this month. Plus 20 push-ups everyday. Today has been missed, so have to make up tomorrow or later in the day, time permitting.
  • Oh yes, the LOOSE digression. I found myself in Crossword recently, the new one near Lifestyle Home. I decided to flip through the new Rujuta book. It has a foreword by none other than Kareena K. In which she says something about loosing weight. I am heartened to note that the publishing industry in India is on such an upswing. First of all, a book like that. And second of all, such an obvious mistake. And third of all, Kareena K.
Over and out.


Rohini said...

Ooh, look! I started a bullet-point epidemic :p

Choxbox said...

I cannot do more than 25 SNs continuosly so shaashtaang pranams to you. And yeah send foto - long time.

Jeevan Baretto said...

30 push ups? wooow! Good going.. and Maldives must have been fun.

dipali said...

The wounds sound awful. Hope they heal fast. Rujuta needs a good editor, I guess!

SrgntPepper said...

30 pushups. keep the inspiration coming.

SrgntPepper said...

30 push ups! keep the inspiration coming..