Thursday, 24 February 2011

Daily Grind

About a year ago I remember reading someone talk about how long they can go without running. I cannot remember who it was - probably Ultra Marathon Man Dean Karnazes - but I remember him (or her, could have well been) claiming that the maximum number of continuous days they have spent without running is something like 3. At that time my mileage was abysmal, I think, so I was amazed. I was also not in any type of routine thanks to the move from there to here and so on. But now that I am...

This number seems very very realistic. Granted, not all of my running is 'good' running. I have no specific goals in mind. Nope. No weight loss. No targeted race practice. No aim of switching to barefoot running (yes, that friend of mine, I mean you). I do try and sign up for races on a regular basis and try not to be too chill the weeks before the race. I swear about a month prior that I will kick ass on training with intervals, hills, abs, core, and what not. But it all never happens. I just sort of run (my base running component of training is always reasonable) and nothing else works. Intervals hurt my knee. Hills are not easily available here. Abs and core, are, well, just a royal pain in the gut (literally). So I plod on, goal-less for the most part.

Coming back to the number 3. I occasionally spend about 3 days without any particular exercise. Occasionally, as in, pretty rarely. For the past year, I think I have gone 3 continuous days without exercise (mostly, running), two times. Maybe three. In September, post the Chennai Marathon, I was in a bit of a funk, so I hung around and slept in the mornings. And then this past week, I have done the same. The excuses are varied, even the occasional planned run that I manage to miss, are for varied excuses. The main one in 2011 has been my shoulder. I invariably wake up with a searing pain in my shoulder, searing, not enough to worry that a bone is broken, of course, but just enough to make me want to curl up and go back to sleep - not that the sleep is restful either thanks to the shoulder.

Anyhow, this past week has gone that way. On Saturday the husb. and I went to the campus. He ran for a bit and cribbed incessantly until we reached the car and I handed him the key and said 'Fine, you go on to the gym, I will join you shortly' . I then proceeded to run around the place, telling myself to wrap up and head to the gym soon so I could get some pointers from him about which machines to try out. Then on Sat evening we played basketball, only, I had some work to do so I joined the game late and so only got a bit of sweating done. Sunday was a busy day with lots of goings on related to the monster (acted in a play! was very cute and has a great booming voice on mike!) and extended family. So nothing there. Monday is my early am class so that was a good excuse. Tuesday I woke up (the shoulder's behaviour notwithstanding) and decided to make myself useful by reading something I was sitting on for a while. Wednesday I shut the damn alarm off and slept happily. Which brings us to today, Thursday.

Thankfully I had the foresight to set up a meeting with the world famous ludwig for a run this morning. And that was sufficient motivation (aside from the past so many days of lolling, and the fact that my legs and hips are aching a lot because they dislike all the rest I have been handing to them) to get out and go. I was feeling supremely lazy though. I biked to the place, although I knew ludwig would run from home and so should I. I parked the bike and walked around looking bored. Finally I started off at an amble as everyone was giving me strange looks. It was miserable, that run. Thankfully I saw ludwig loom on the horizon shortly thereafter and I chatted and chatted and chatted and forgot that I was running and that my hips were hurting and my leg was acting funny. But when he said he would like to stop, I was all over it.

All in all, I finally opened the week's account, better than nothing. I hope to eke out some inspiration for something tomorrow morning. Swim? Run? Bike? Gym? Something. I think I want to take a class. Kickboxing or Krumping maybe. Find me one, people, find me one.

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