Monday, 28 February 2011



8.1 km

Saturday evening. Mar 5th.

I hate running in the evening. I will do whatever else it takes. Basketball. Swim. Veg. Eat murukku. Eat Horlicks (yes, my friends, I do. I love it. But someone please stop me; my tummy is grumbling and asking for Eno).

Here is how I am training for this race:

1. Trying to remember how much I ran it in last year (Cannot..Remember..)
2. Visualising the route - because last time, it felt surprisingly long for 8.1 km (Duh!)
3. Considering some sort of intervals/tempo etc. runs (and promptly dismissing it)
4. Swimming with the child, using a board (no, seriously, it was lots of fun and make me feel very...sleepy...through the day)
5. Thinking about p90x youtube thing that this kid forwarded to me (the guy looks super weird though)

The things that are demotivating me are:

1. No Other Female person runs it. At least, there were only two of us last year.
2. The average age of the runners is..uh...20 (there were five of us that were 35+ last year, rest of the 100 runners were...uh..18-22 years of age)
3. I can never never ever win or even come in the first ten (see points 1 & 2 above)
4. Evening run! Ugh!

Why am I still going to do this?

1. I am bored of my usual routes for running - the Boat place, yes, even the campus, this one and the other one, I am bored of. Beach? I wish someone would drive me so I don't have to worry about parking.
2. I don't run to win, duh! I run because its fun! And I love white rangoli marked courses
3. Everyone else is doing it (I mean, like, three of us oldies, the young kids run it because it wins them points and medals and so on)
4. Its just here. Its just February. There is nothing going on till like August now. I mean, really, nothing but sun.
5. I am hoping it will make me stop eating Horlicks. Seriously, I have to stop. Its not even mine, its the monster's.



Airspy said...

hmmm......"no other female persons runs it" is seen as a demotivation? hmmm....

kbpm said...

sunfeast, it is! yes? we are on?

Airspy said...

We are on to cheer you. 10 k seems like Mt.everest currently. But am gonna try hard :-)

DesiGirl said...

Dude you are bored of running in the lush campus? Tsk tsk! Ditch Horlicks and go for something stronger and you'll be fine.

Oh and when you run? Think of slobs like me that can't even think of doing it and go for it!

dipali said...

But how much Horlicks do you manage to eat?
I'm sure you'll enjoy the run, despite all these misgivings. All the best.

kbpm said...

Deej - Yeah. I know. Its a phase.

Dipali - Well, I can eat a LOT of horlicks, believe me. Have stopped thankfully now. Though I found myself eating potato chips with Rasam Saadam just now. Oh well! (The run was fun, as you said)

Airspy - You'll do fine! Remember our Basketball team and the Tang breaks!