Friday, 6 August 2010

Tip Tap Tip Tap

Some mornings, all I want to do is put fingers to keyboard and just type type type away. Whatever comes to mind. I do have blogger's block often, but I also have the opposite of blogger's block, which is this tendency of rambling on somewhat incoherently for a bit, and then hoping some structure, some shape is miraculously acquired by the post. Many things come to mind at the same time, I guess that is the problem with the inverse-blogger-block thing.

I met up with an old friend this morning (no ludwig, don't say anything). It was really good. We used to play basketball together. Things I remember about my innumerable friends is the slightly off-beat, slightly insane things we have done together. In this case, the one thing that comes to mind is that we used to go together and play pick-up basketball games at a local high school in Amherst. Directionally, it was between his place and mine. I used to bring all my stuff to the office, and change in the bathroom and we would go over, play, sweat. It was fun though my body hurt when I went back to my all-in-one apartment and set up the rice cooker with whatever I could lay my hands on in my mini-fridge. By the time that got done my hunger and enthu to eat would both be gone. But it was a life. And it is still a happy memory. What a wonderful basketball court that one was! Soft wooden floor. Super fiber-glass boards. Expressly fast full court game. And a tall friend, and a ride to and fro in his Subaru. Wah! Wah!

It has been a busy week, as weeks go. I feel like I am in the quest for some quiet time. I need to sort through this surfeit of ideas buzzing in my brain. I am excited by them, but also, a bit worried about them. Actually I am worried about not being able to do anything with those ideas. I will be bothered if I find myself, next year, not having ticked anything off that list of ideas. But thats for later. For now I need to make that list, before all the ideas fly away and explode in the void. And prioritize the ideas list above the mundane tasks list (which reminds me, I have to order the gas cylinder for home else crisis will ensue).

Have a wonderful Friday, my friends. Look upon the weekend starry-eyed, grab it by its horns, go on.


ChoxBox said...

Shucks. Gas cylinder. Thanks.

Space Bar said...

And very likely this same tall friend was telling me about your basketball games a week or so ago! :D Winners get to stay on the court, how you guys would turn up and the other team would sneer into their sweaty t-shirts until you guys hit 'em.

When mutual friend asked how I knew you, I had to say 'blog friend' though I wish I could have said something more exciting (such as, we write and illustrate kiddie books, or our kids are chuddie buddies or something).

kbpm said...

Chox- sure. Mine showed up.
SB- Hmmm. I think they are different people. You are unlikely to have met this one. Though the other one, the one I think you are talking about, he is awesome! I love him. He was visiting too right? Some crazy interesting thing as ever. And yes, we should do those things. The books and kids thing!!! Ooh must put it in my ideas book.

ChoxBox said...

whoa - a book jointly thought up by space bar and kenny? that would be something!

dipali said...

Ditto Chox- I love the idea of this particular joint venture:)
Your rambling posts are all the more charming, Kenny!