Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Take the left fork

Life, everyday, is about choices.

Press on left to shut the alarm and right to snooze for five minutes.

Place the water for the coffee on the left burner and the milk on the right one (or switch it up, for effect).

Wake the posse up and go swimming all together or kiss the posse - one cheek all poky and stubbly, the other baby soft, and go running instead.

Climb down the stairs fully intending to step out but sit down at the computer and read Perakath instead.

Play Jim Croce into your ears for an early morning introduction to the Roller Derby Queen; or find your latest fav. Prem Ki Naiyya, on the ubiquitous internet.

Watch the sky slowly lighten from the french windows, feel overwhelmed with an undescribe-able feeling of happiness and lightness and satisfaction; or focus on the darkness and the rumbling and think of all the sad stuff like how you are inching closer to everyday.

Its 6:15 am, and I chose the left fork. What about you?


Pipa said...

yey.. lose-u. Go for that run :-)

dipali said...

So many choices, each day's gift to us!

kbpm said...

Pipa- Naah. Ran yester. The old ankles need rest too y'know.

Dipali- My latest is that every challenge is an opportunity. It feels awesome to tell myself that!

ChoxBox said...

I took the road less travelled today. Nothing profound, just running off for a movie with the girlfriends since I have a slot free in the day. A welcome party of 4 no.s grandparents will receive children from school bus, feed and entertain them till I return!

kbpm said...

chox, i want to do that. i really do.

Perakath said...

Hai ram. I am now a common noun. *sniff*

Right now I'm wondering whether to leave my undershirt on all day, or take it off and stuff it in my bag.

Sraikh said...

You are in your zen mode aren't you?

I chose to drink the water at my preschool board meeting, instead of the merlot or the beer. Does that count?

I also chose the decadent chocolate cake over the baklava.

ChoxBox said...

Then come off. I promise to capture the Airspy, N and V and get them along.