Monday, 14 June 2010

Midnight Mirage

It is surely a very strange time for me to be awake. And even more strange that I am awake because I was working. Oh well, these things happen. Even to the best of us. Even to those that have cracked the code on 'doing the next best thing to nothing' as a friend of ours was fond of saying, referring to my job.

I watched Kites. I know, what am I crazy? I have not seen a movie in ages. I cannot even remember the last one I saw. I just don't do that any more. Its too much pain. Tatasky offered to sell it to us, in fact, I think they give some n free movies and we had not used even 1 of the n. Well, no more. Now we only have (n-1) left. And dude, in terms of my life I have only (N-2) hours left, and the 2 that I spent watching this movie are never, ever, in my whole entire life, coming back to me. It was so ridiculous, it was not even funny. See Dhoom2 is ridiculous, right, from the get go. But I watch it, meaning I have seen it once and sometimes I can bear to see it again (in parts), and check out Hrithik Roshan. I was downright irritated that HR would wear a mustache and AB would fail to recognise him, but that is nothing compared to Kites. The most objectionable thing was HR's hat(s). Ugh. Please save me.

In other news I have created the Mother of all Lists. This is because I am going away, and Mr.Kenny is going to hold the fort while I am gone. The fort needs some holding, you can say that again. Uniform. Socks. Lunch Bag. Water Cans. Gas Cylinders. Veggies. Idli Batter. Ironing. All that and more baby. "There is no doubt that I am eminently capable" the man has said, in that irritating manner men have of dismissing domestic responsibilities and pretending as if they are trivial compared to the world-shattering work they do at the office. Hey. Not my problem. I am so gone and so like focussed on getting the max. benefit out of my break, to go to the gym, attend the wedding, make my presentation, schmooze, drink Guinness, read, blog, and so on.

Till Then!


SBZ said...

Dont drink Guiness in Germany. Isnt that where you are going? Drink Hefeweisen, preferably in a Biergarten. :)

dipali said...

Have a blast, Kenny! All the best to the fort holder!

kbpm said...

not to mention good ol' stella. you introduced me to both of them i think! will do. just hope that Humboldt does us good in terms of choices of drinks..

ChoxBox said...

ask the rowdy reddy! she knows that ilaaka like no one else does, stella and all.

have a blast. and lastly you watched kites? wow.

ludwig said...

Kites = Phati Patang

I thought I told you as much. You never listen. Bring my stuff back, okay? Otherwise no need to return.

kbpm said...

ludwig - what? I should believe you why? fine i will bring it. like i have an option. The NewYorker will kill me if I leave your random stuff lying around in his wives house. and did you see on FB re my toe nails etc? I can hear you laughing in the background. HMPH> It was WORTH IT ok.

the mad momma said...


(am I allowed to spell it that way?)

Sands said...

Wasn't that the worst movie ever? And I even watched it in the theater. Was plain horrible :( Enjoy your break :)