Friday, 4 June 2010

Fly Fly Fly

Its time. It really flies. I suppose it means one is having fun. Because, you know, time flies when you are having it. Fun, I mean.

* The monster is in II standard. Wow! When did this happen? I don't mind, actually. The books are marginally more interesting than the I standard ones though I admit I cannot read the tamizh book at all. Need to go back and get cracking on the previous book so I can be all caught up.

* I am here. He is here. She is here. We're all together now. We always were, but now we are, officially, for 'the foreseeable future', in Chennai Maanagaram. And hoping against hope that the evil tasmac mends its ways.

* The car is repaired. Did I tell you it was ruined. Did I? Yes, I think I did. Its okay now. I am still a bit apprehensive about driving but, as they say, get back in the saddle Kenny, get back (to where I don't really belong).

* The monster wants to know why he doesn't like Maggie's Farm. Dude, I don't know. Its at least better than the 119th dream which makes limited sense if at all, but then I love it love it love it. Wish I had Bob Dylan's job (or talent, at the very least).

* We (as in I, but I was just talking to ludwig, you know how they, as in he, is, with the royal pronoun thing), need a new phone. Its pretty desperate a situation as situations go. And it has only been three years now. I remember one stormy cold december night when I went out to get the monster a turn at the nebuliser at the clinic. I left my blue nokia in the auto that night. The monster loves all the stuff related to doctors. She even enjoyed the dentist visit two weeks ago. So why was I stressed enough to lose the phone? Anyway, the nokia prism, which I subsequently bought, is a bad model. Be thankful you can no more purchase this phone, as it is discontinued.

* The monster's passport expires shortly. This ought to be interesting. My main employer is in Mumbai, so far. This should change in a few weeks time, time permitting, and going subsonic unlike now. One of the credit cards has the address specified as our Mumbai one (don't ask). These bits of information might not be relevant, but you never know. This is India, after all, as the Ivory Coast type Jet Airways pilot said to me just last week. We have no ration card, nor any hope of procuring one. Our passports are all unified in that they are based on our Mumbai home, in which we were not even really living when we were in Mumbai 1+ years ago now. Its too hot in Chennai to casually be able to hang out in the serpentine lines at Passport Offices like I managed to back then, five years ago, in Mumbai. Or maybe I am just older and less tolerant of my own B.O. Anyway, thats up next. And the pilot dude? Well, he got a piece of Kenny's mind, which does not happen often but will if you mess with my husband when you should not.

* Thats it folks. I am off now. To eat dinner and hope to catch Friends. Or recourse to 9XM if not. OOOh maybe Big Bang Theory is on. Yummalicious Baby.


Pipa said...

We always were, but now we are, officially, for 'the foreseeable future', in Chennai Maanagaram.

so it is official. perfectamaneto.

Perakath said...

I, too, need a new phone, and a renewed passport. I recommend the Nokia E72 for you, the E63 for me, and a good travel agent for us both.

ChoxBox said...

E71 is sooppar ma.

And yes how did the non-M grow so big?! 2nd std! Before you know it these kids will be going to college and all.