Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Still Raining

Its hard to believe, but its still raining here! I mean, whats up with that now? I always assumed that other people had mood swings and not me. You know, like people take naps, and I don't. But that is all out the door. I took naps this weekend again. Plus I am having major mood swings of late, try as I might to avoid them...

Super disappointed that I had to miss the ECR run, it seemed like a bad idea to run on a road which was water logged plus had highway traffic running through.

Happy to see everything cleaned out and green from the water.

Irritated at how big a deal people are making of this rain, including my husband, who replied to every suggestion with 'What! In this rain!'

Elated to have found two small snails and several centiped(ish creatures) on various walls, and, possibly a leech in the backyard.

Disgusted with all the mud we have been trailing into the car.

Thankful to driver who shakes out the car mats so many times through the day.

Depressed about missed basketball games, and long runs, and today after nearly a fifteen-day long stretch, did not do any planks/crunches in the morning as really, whats the point, in this weather?

Happy that I could use the school holiday of yesterday to do the thing I have been meaning to for a while, go to the British Council Library.

A tad disappointed with the BC exhibit on Charles Darwin, which turned out to be just a bunch of poster boards in their main library foyer. Too much text to read, and the displays were just seahorse shapes you moved out and there was more text there. Not very creative, I am afraid.

Anyway hippocampus trip yielded the last Judy Moody, which was duly consumed, and, Roddy Doyle is most crazy and the monster enjoyed him so now we are dreaming of going to Ireland. (How big is Ireland? As big as your bum: She got this from the book and whatever, I have let it be, she finds it hilarious).

I think, on balance the rain is good, its fine. My garden likes it. So what if the house/car are a bit icky and I have a bit of a situation with the clothes? So what? Now if I can just get off this pendulum....


ChoxBox said...

back from the land where from where you used to muse.
was HOT and bet they'd love it if it rained.

and that kid of yours, seriously, what is she doing in class 1? maybe they can get her to teach, like her mamma.

Perakath said...

My precious books are swelling up from the moisture :(

dipali said...

Was down there in horrid floods in 2005:(
Much as I love the rain, too much of it gets on my nerves.
The IFB 100% drier is a boon those two three soggy months of the year.
It's a pity about the walks and runs and basketball:(
I hope Monster's having fun:)

Poppins said...

How old is Monster anyway?

*Goes away muttering something about genius people and their children*

P.S I am on the pendulum too wrt rains - but overall I hate them.

the mad momma said...

LOL! as big as your bum. Gosh, she'd fit right into our house with the bum jokes :D