Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Its nearly done now

The year, I mean. 2009. We are upon December, very nearly, almost there. Hang on now Kenny.

December is a good month. I look forward to it with anticipation. Its blog birthday month for one (that never gets celebrated around here, do not worry, gentle readers). Its vacation month, for another. I am still reliving our fantastic Goa vacation of 2008, in my mind. The time when Guns ran out of beach, Calangute to Baga; and back. Battling dogs. And food and water and sand and naps. Yumm. Its done with this semester, baby, month. Of course, this year I am celebrating early because I already got done, through a quirk of fate, with my course and exams and so on. I graded the exams on Saturday, spent all of Sunday questioning the meaning of life, figured it out on Monday, and today, on Wednesday, its all done and gone and life is back to normal. And I look to December with eager anticipation. Its also Mumbai (for a week) month, this time around. I am, of course, super excited about it, although I will be spending three full days at a very geeky work thing during that week, I am bound to enjoy it all. I am already slurping thinking of meeting new babies, and old friends.

A couple of years ago, we visited Chennai in December. I must have written about it, but of course, cannot be assed to find it for you, gentle reader, in my own archives. You know that you should not expect links in Kenny's page. So stop complaining. So, bottom line, weather was bearable, which is a HUGE surprise for Chennai. We did some concert-shoncert type thing, which was fun. We saw Sanjay Subramaniam and Jesudas. I liked them both. My husband swore that we would see a lot of them in the years to come. Meanwhile, this year, we are already in place, so should be able to check the scene out pretty easily, except that we are traveling a fair bit, and for some reason, I don't feel like going to Carnatic music concerts.. Nevertheless, for purposes of education of child and so on, we ought to check some of it out, I suppose.

But wait, still, we are in November, another week of it to ride out. This week has already looked very interesting. We had a three - four day absolute loss of power at work. I sweated a million buckets on Monday, and decided to protest it all by staying home on Tuesday. Incidentally, monster chose to develop a mild fever and so it was just as well as I could not send her to school. And may I say, it was much more productive at home than over there. Monster read and napped, while I worked. My office has, meanwhile moved from down to up for various reasons. Its bound to be hot as hell upstairs. I have two options:
(a) Invest in anti-perspirant strong enough for a bear
(b) Lock up the office and work in Cafe Coffee Day
For now, I am choosing (b), while you go away and burn the midnight oil and sell me some snakeskinoil and (a).

I leave you finally, with some interesting insights I gained by reading something called 'Sportstar' this morning.
1. Thierry Henri, during the hand of gaul episode, behaved badly, he should have behaved, apparently, like a man, and he did not. Which is kind of cool, because, you know, I do tell myself often when I am in the mood to wrongly claim that the ball went out when it did not, that I should be a man and not lie and behave in an unsportsmanlike manner. So yeah.
2. Meanwhile, Vivian Richards thinks, for some reason, that though Cricket is supposed to be a gentlemen's game, its first of all a man's game. I am sure this warms the cockles of the hearts of all the women cricketers out there, and inspires them like hell. After all, he is a legend, and a damn attractive-to-ladies type one at that.
So, as my friend Ms.Rum Sant (name changed to protect identity) used to say, "I leave you, ladies and gentlemen, to ponder these matters" while I conduct my own research on anti-perspirants, bears, hairy men, and such-like.


Sraikh said...

I want December to come so that my spouse will return and we can have sex again.

Thats the one and most important reason. That and take over evening stuff and I can go hide in all my hiding places.

Your Dec sounds fun as well..

PS:I cannot believe how fast time is flying. I mean 2009 is over. Over. Where is the flying cars and robot servants? Where?

PS:Can you know add Name/Url for me...I no longer use WP :)

ChoxBox said...

what is the velocity of time?! 2010 almost here!

Bannu said...

Done with corrections and grading! Lucky you, I got the marking scheme ready this morning. Now 158 notebooks await the red ink.

Aah Mumdai, is it by any chance for ICCMS?

Poppins said...

Year almost over - thank god. This was not one of the better years :) Hope next year is good!