Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Other Side

The grass surely is greener on this side of the fence than that. Say what you will.

I am sitting in my original office on this coast of the country, and boy I can tell you, despite the dust and grime and the rain and the slush, I miss it. Glimpsed our original original home (the one in the high rise building) from the flight and of course I teared up.

Anyway, chin up, on to my meetings, and presentations now.

And later in the night, back to my current home, and the trudge upstairs to the current bed, which was this going for it - its bigger. As is the entire household set up there. Including the maid, who is about two times the size of my Mumbai maid.


dipali said...

An enlarging post(ing)!

Parul said...

It's a good thing that the maid reference came at the end, else I would have been blind to the rest of the post.

Come back. Mumbai is nice. Sort of.

choxbox said...

maybe you wear green-colored goggles in this city. just take them back.

kbpm said...

dipali - huh?
parul - i have always claimed, rather complacently, that i can live anywhere.
chox - good good, i like it. time to change my sunglasses, at any rate mine are not big enough for this sun. also, i have to remember that when all else fails i have basketball.