Monday, 27 July 2009

Binge Exercising

I cannot think of any other name for the type of exercising schedule I have of late. I sincerely hope my days of binge drinking are well and truly behind me, of course. See, my AIM is to really exercise more regularly. But a completely weird combination of factors (unfortunately, I don't think laziness is one, since that is a factor I KNOW to conquer) force me to have a work-out week that looks like this:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Basketball game (PM)
Friday: 8 KM run (AM)
Saturday: Bike Ride (AM)
Saturday: Basketball game (PM)
Sunday: 10 KM run (AM)
Sunday: Basketball game (PM)

I mean, this is just crazy right? Sometimes, I even skip the thursday game and my entire weekly shot of exercising happens on Friday PM - Sunday PM. Overall, its not enough exercise. Basketball games are not reliable generally in toning, though they are usually fun. I am not running as much total distances as I should (or could). My crosstraining with kick-boxing; my very valuable gymming sessions are gone, flown right away...

Gotto do something about this. Pronto. Meanwhile another Monday: Rest has passed me by (almost - unless I go for a bike ride now in the evening with the monster on the back but I may not, she is in dance class right now and has some homework to do).

This Sunday I ran a race, 10 KM, it was really nice, it was on the East Coast Road, which is (sort of) a highway, and organised by Chennai Runners. I should have chosen a longer distance, but I chose 10 since my schedule has been not great of late, and, I was sure the weather would kill me. Fortunately, neither mattered, and I felt completely comfortable throughout, and had a great time. Plus I got interviewed to be on NDTV-Hindu (a new TV channel). I am ashamed to say that the interview was AFTER the race, and I looked as fresh as if I had just woken up (I am a morning person, remember, I don't have groggy eyes when I wake up). Which also goes to show that I should have at least run 15 kilometers (yes, we had a choice). The company was wonderful, and organisation (which was by runners, always a splendid idea to let runners organise races, aside from the fact that they cannot run in a race they organise, which is sort of sad) was splendid. Now I am just looking forward to the next one, and hoping to be healthy enough to do 15 or 20 next time around.

As it was on a peopled road and general junta was still around, got some interesting comments. I waved at everybody I saw, gave them my full-fledged smile and so on. Then some boys said 'Tamizh ponnu daan da' (meaning, fuck, check out her earlobes machaan, they are yellow from the manjal).


choxbox said...

what is this manjal now? first MiM says something about turmeric on clothes, now you mention yellow earlobes.
you guys didn't put enough tam fundae to me in 4 years.

p.s.: not even saying anything about you and your running. no point.

kbpm said...

manjal is turmeric (at least i think). and how will i put tam fundae to you? the first word i utterred in said language, everyone would say 'please stick to english' :(

Serious Lounger said...

kewl, my exercise consists of something like this - watch seal pup jump on paunch, carry seal pup, walk one floor to the home, wheeze at the effort and then lie on the couch to recover..

are those kms you mentioned.. you run too much.. Duh!

and whats with the turmeric..

IBH said...

your tamil is far better :)than you give credit for yourselves...:)

Manjal is turmeric..

and ran 10KM? on ECR? i didnt know about it...anyways...our plan is still on right? do you play baddy? how about catching up on that as well?will work out a weekend that is convenient for both of us...what say?

asaaan said...

Why were they yellow?

I with chox, no going to talk about effortlessly running 10k.Not at all..

Sands said...

Sounds fun. Next time around when am in Chennai will have to check some of these activities out. Can then justify all the binge eating :)

kbpm said...

(i was not wearing turmeric in my ear, was just saying, thought it might be funny, guess it was not!).

IBH- yes dear, sorry, i can play baddy but i suck royally at it as i keep jumping unnecessarily. :(

Sands, okay, sounds good!

SL- sealpup when he 'launches' is quite a sight. Monster & I talk about it all the time!!

dipali said...

Your binging is scary!
Too much of a good thing can't be good for you!