Friday, 17 July 2009

Booku Chukku

I read it two weeks ago and I have still not said a thing about it. Whats up with that now. See, the thing is, I don't do reviews of books. Or movies. In general you can say that I don't write anything coherent or sensible about anything, and you would be right. But at least a usual non-review? That I can do.

So, Bringing up Vasu.

I, of course, love Parul's blog (and her). See, she loves MJ, and ran in the Standard Chartered Extravangza in Jan. What's not to like? Oh yes, she is totally hilarious!! (I do object however, to how tall she is, but am willing to forgive her that, maybe it makes the words that come out of her funnier).

I was hopping about on one foot, saying I need to find Parul's book, I need to find Parul's book. Mum, who was here then, was irritated. But accompanied me to Crossword patiently. The one on Venkatnarayana Road. Have I told you I hate this store. I mean Sriram can go to hell, really. Of course I go there real often, at least I used to back in Mumbai when we lived a stone's throw away from one of their stores.

So that was out.

I was back in Mumbai for a day around then and I enthusiastically reached the airport (on the way back) early as I know there is a landmark store there now. But no. They did not have it either. I think that one is a crossword masquerading, for purposes of style, as a landmark.

Mum wanted to try and find some special sari in Mylapore for grandmom. I was super excited to go. I woke up, went on my morning run with the boys, came back, ate, and got dressed and we head out. Of course, my creepy plan was to quickly get done with sari shopping and head off to Nungambakkam.

Which we did.

And the first thing that met the eye at Landmark was Parul's book. Hurray!

I read it in one day. I read it in the car, at the table, in bed, etc. etc. I found so many things I could relate to (and, thankfully, many things that were new to me!). I am by no means a new mom, I feel like I am as old as the trees, and that the days of fear that I will roll over my baby and crush her feel like they belong to a different age. So, in a way, I relived those days through Parul's book, especially after I had the sneaking suspicion that Dr.BIG! was the same one who did me the honor of cutting me up (and later admiring my stitch and saying 'Ah! What a beauty!').

In short, its a real fun read, not only for mommy-creatures but for everyone, and all the characters are lovable (even the ones you are supposed to not like), and I really enjoyed my day with Parul's book. Thank you dear. Heres waiting for the next one!

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choxbox said...

okay now i gotta get the book asap!