Wednesday, 17 June 2009

What about the night then?

I crash onto my bed by ten in the night these days. Latest. I usually set the sleep function (yes, we have some new air conditioners) in the monster's head for 9 pm, because, you know, the racket thats school and so forth. Since we are losers like that, our child requires one of us to be with her in order to sleep. Since I am a loser like that, I invariably fall asleep before her, pretty much on my way back down from switching off the light.

So last night when the phone rang, I assumed it was the alarm and did what one does with alarms. I reached out and punched buttons and made sure the sound went away somehow. Then it rang again and again I assumed I had slept the alarm rather than switching it off and reached out with more determination. Then I realised it was something else.

The phone.


Kept on my side of the bed. Because.

Because I was expecting a call.

From the water tanker dude.

And it was him. He had come! God bless his soul. Goodness, what time is it though? TWO THIRTY in the night??

Or is it considered morning.

Anyhow roused the large form on the bed and we went downstairs. The tanker was there in flesh and blood. Oops. Hope the water was cleaner than that. We were up till three am filling water from it using a giant green tube with circles on the outside of it. Looked like an anaconda. We watered the plants with the remaining water. We could not see how dirty everything was. We went to bed after paying the guy.

And could not sleep.

Tossed and turned.

Turned and tossed.

Wished for the snoring that would signify the husband being asleep. (yeah).

Did not hear it.

Finally fell asleep just as my alarm rang actually. Signifying the beginning of another day. Of school and calls to Mumbai and so on. But a day, nevertheless, when I don't have to worry about running out of water.

(Plus I fixed a leaking flush at 6:30 am using nothing but my brains. So.)


asaaan said...

Acck he came at 2.30 in the morning?
And you fixed a leak..
Are you going to be a zombie for the rest of the day though?

Space Bar said...

sheesh. i will stop cribbing about school and waking up early now. (tho I also fall asleep by ten most days.)

dipali said...

What an awful time to deal with a water tanker. Phew.
How long is one tanker supposed to last?

kbpm said...

asaaan: i am doing fine, not too zombie like. treated myself to some clothes by going shopping with my mum. :)

sb: yeah its a major pain na?

dipali: what to do? dont know how long it will last me.

choxbox said...