Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Earlier Mornings

That is what we face at the homestead now. Earlier than ever mornings. I have a headache just thinking about how early in the morning I have to wake up now and henceforth till the end of time. Why, you might ask? Well, school for one. The maid and cook for another.

Today, walking along with mum at 5:40 in the morning (a time when the weather is nevertheless pointlessly warm muggy and you could cut with a knife heavy), I was really and truly amazed at how many people were up and about and walking and listening to music (devotional songs apparently) at ear-splitting volumes, and cycling and driving really really fast on side roads. Plus there is so much light, I wonder, did the sun even set? (of course it did not and never will, so what I mean is, has the earth stopped turning or something?)

And now, an hour later I am pondering, while sweating incessantly, about how to fix the motor for the water, how (or why) to bathe, whether to go to Woodlands for lunch, and oh god its white uniform tomorrow to school.

Feck it. Whats the point. Might as well go do the Hindu crossword instead of sweating at the keyboard. This has been quite a vacation, I must say!


maidinmalaysia said...

thanks for reminder. back to schoolm and white uniform here as well.

dipali said...

The east coast does that to you- wakes you up a lot earlier.
And it is still bloody hot anyway.And humid. And muggy:(

Perakath said...

Yesterday, to celebrate his 85th birthday, George H W Bush went skydiving in Kennebunkport, Maine!

kbpm said...

mim- yeah. the horror.
dipali- hope it improves soon.
perakath- there you go!

maidinmalaysia said...

which brings me to the kosten: why is your name that?

choxbox said...

white uniform!

aah so many 80s/90s memories - meri uniform uski uniform se safed kaise or that other thing - where the lil girl winks at the chap from the billboard because his shirt is still not as white as hers..
nowadays its dhoonte rah jaaoge right?

so which detergent will you use madam?

asaaan said...

Feel for you on the hot and humid part.

MIM, She chose it randomly.
Kenny you need to put a disclaimer up on the blog abt why you chose this blog's name.

And you get up that early. I am going to try to do since it summer holidays and I do not want to pay for 4 kid at the gym's daycare

karmickids said...

Gosh, am due in Chennai for a visit and dreading the heat, though Mumbai's not behaving any better mind you.