Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Public Transport

Really, that was the highlight of our US trip this time. We were in New York City and Cambridge (Mass). Both are notorious for their traffic, and in our experience, finding parking is as bad as it is here, in Pondy Bazaar in Chennai (a rather unfortunate name for a shopping district of that level of variety). We don't have valid licenses, so driving was out at any rate. Which turned out to be a very good thing. We took the trains EVERYWHERE. We took really very very few cab rides. To and from Kennedy to Queens, where we stayed, you know, 'cause of the luggage, we took cabs. In Boston, we took the train even with all our luggage. It was just awesome. We visited friends, went out to dinner, went to museums, went shopping, I went to work, all by train. We went to Penn station to catch the Boston Amtrak by train, and then from Boston South Station to Harvard Square by T. On the way back we were contemplating a cab from Penn Station to Queens since our luggage had expanded a lot. But our friend showed up there on cue and we lugged the bags all on to the train again! Incredible. I wish we could boast of such systems (and such discipline on our part) here in our country.

We did the same in Athens when we were there two years ago, and really, those trains are even better than the American ones (because they are newer). I have said this before, but I just cannot wait to try the Delhi metro, only it never seems to go where I need it to! And for all the junk we have to put up with in Sakinaka (and other places), I do hope the Bombay metro will be nice.

And yes, the monster LOVED the trains - the Subway in NYC, the T in Boston, and the Amtrak we took between those two cities, not to mention the elevated tram somewhere in one corner of NYC. So yeah, it was wonderful.

(Meanwhile, without my knowledge or consent I have been signed up for a game where I am Pooh. So off I go. Thankfully, I am allowed to bring a banana onto the boat we are going on so my purpose of making Piglet eat some fruit is served.)


csm said...

try PTC/MRTS once.
on your own. when it gets a bit cooler maybe :-)
it is not in the same league as the athenian train system, but a poorer version of the same.

kbpm said...

csm, bus stop is just across the road from my place. i am definitely considering it! (not this month!)

Anonymous said...

Did you get new Crocs?
Next time, you will have to come to my part of the US and meet me and do origami with Ashwina.

Serious Lounger said...

it is pandi bazaar as per a signboard somewhere there.. so the connotation of shadiness is reduced a leetle bit..

dipali said...

I love the NY trains and subways and the most civilised buses too:)
I love Piglet as well:)
And Pooh.
So much love- all because I am wi-fied today, after giving up on my broadband connection:)

kbpm said...

dipali- wifi here too. dining area.

sl- yes, it has been repeatedly pointed out to me with sniggers of laughter by monster. its at one of those intersections we frequent. which one is the correct one? i wonder.

asaaan- no, no new crocs. her old ones are serving well. i tried to get her shoes but gave up as they were too expensive. Origami! Yes! i must!

karmickids said...

How wonderful, waiting for the pics now.

choxbox said...

had met your kutti branchmate when we went to nyc. n3 fell in love with her beans curry and it still tops her list of favourite eats and so thats what she associates nyc with :)

but hey good to have you back.

choxbox said...

hey where did my comment go???