Wednesday, 22 October 2008

We are gathered here today...

to defuse a situation. The best thing is to say sorry and move on.

What's diffuse?

ah. make it all light and happy. defuse a situation means to change it from all tense and angry and crying to an all smiling and happy and hugging type scenario.

What's scenario?


What's situation?

occurrence. event. you know.

Okay. So why do night creatures come out at night?

because its night.

So what if its night?

the night time flowers have bloomed.

Oh! Like lotus and lily and lily and lotus.

Huh? Yeah like that.

What about roses?

What about them?

Do moths like roses?

No, but butterflies do. Which is why they are morning insects while moths are night insects (ah-ha!).

How about dragonflies?

Dragonflies are super fast.

Faster or slower than cheetahs?

Ah. Good question. Lets go google it once we reach home.

NOOOOO. Lets NOT google it.

Okay lets not. But stop changing the topic and tell me, did you push this here little boy today?

But but he is NOT listening to aunties. WAAH. WAAH.

Can you please answer my question. Dearly beloved. Did you push this boy?

Waah Blubber Waah blah.

It is good that you feel guilty about pushing him, now just apologise.

Waah Blubber Waah blah. BLUBBER.

(I really don't know how one is supposed to operate these creatures. Can someone put together a manual for me? Use words of two syllables please).


choxbox said...

children don't come with instructions.

end of profound observation of the day.

p.s.: i have very recently been enlightened abt the diff between moths and butterflies - the night and day thing and that there are 165000 types of the two put together. also been informed that they belong to an order called lepidoptara or some such.
(why do kids like botany/zoology soo much???)

kbpm said...

yes Lepidoptera.
what do you mean kids? I like it too. Of course they are more patient and persistent than I am with that stuff.

Airspy said...

oh those manuals didnt even exist in the days of mahabaratha. Probably they existed prior to that and got consumed in the deluge that happened in some yuga.

If you find it please send it across. I face this situation every day and invariably settle the matter favouring the perpetrator rather than the affected. because the noise level of the former in much bigger.