Sunday, 19 October 2008

I am a monster myself

See many of you have been complaining to me off and on-line about calling this one a monster. But I mean it in the nicest way. And just so that you feel a bit better about it, I will tell you about how I have become a monster myself. Its like the childhood game where we would 'So if I am a monkey and you are my sister then you are a monkey too so ha ha ha' (well I doubt anyone else had as deprived and weird a childhood as I did. but well, that was how it was with me).

So this is of recent vintage. On Tuesday I went out of the house thinking of a nice calm walk around the place as I was feeling a bit funny and had my period. I thought of all my calcium being lost and the fact that I really do suffer some pain and decided that one day of a chilled out work-out in a week is a good thing. So I went and walked a bit in the park downstairs. Then I got very inspired to see some people running and started running like crazy. I ran three or four rounds and then felt serious stomach cramps. Okay so this is a first. Usually I have cramps at night. Or mid-morning. But this one was sort of really painful and going on as I was running. I must have looked a fright. But hey this is Mumbai, people went on their way. I sat down on the grass for a bit and then lay down for a bit more and then it passed and I was fine again. Now a non-monster would then go home right. Well, I did go home too but I climbed twenty-four floors to get there. On wednesday was my kick boxing. Thursday I went to the gym and did a crazy biking set. Friday, thankfully, the husband went out of town, and since the kid and all that and school, I just slept a bit extra and hung loose (and ate chocolate!). Saturday is our weekly uphill run. Which was good but not satisfying in a way as I felt NOTHING after it. I mean legs should ache after your exercise. To me thats the point. So saturday evening, yesterday that is, I had a whole day of work, came back to find the kid all wide-eyed and so on and husband fast asleep (at 5 pm). I dragged him awake after much nagging, stuffed all nature of things into that reluctant little mouth (apple, milk, etc.) and we went off to play basketball. (Un)fortunately, there was a game on. Alumni match or some such. Based on his height, the husband got recruited and given a t-shirt. Based on my lack of height, my gender, and possible the monster vibes I was exhibiting, I was not. I had SO much energy that I just could not sit down. The kid was in a similar mood and climbed up and down a bunch of stairs about a million times and skitted over to the sand-pit and back a zillion times. So then I started running, and I kid you not, I just could not STOP. I ran and ran and sprinted and walked and walked and sprinted. Since there was no one around (jdb that means you) to run with I had to force the kid to race with me. I had to give her a 15 m handicap for a 50 m sprint (as she gets real irritated when I defeat her - silly girl does not realise that this can happen only for a few more years now; as my body ages and hers reaches its peak athletic form. oh well, kids, you got to indulge them sometimes). And FINALLY the game started and I forced myself to sit down and watch. I stunk it up big time as of course I sweated gallons after all that running around. Mosquitoes nestled comfortably in my legs. We returned home and I had a good relaxing evening with my homies and this morning again, EXCESS energy. Kick boxing was good I thudded the bag fairly hard. And we are going out for lunch. But all I can think about is going to the stadium in the evening.

These are the times when I feel I should just quit my job and do two sets of serious exercise every day and be a mommy and change table-clothes in between. Then I have to remind myself that (a) I am not Sania Mirza and never will be and (b) I studied and studied so I could do this job and I really like it and (c) Heck! I am a middle aged hag.

Monster genes man. Monster genes.


Sraikh said...

ROFL..why are you so high energy?
I am tired from reading about all the running.
How is the marathon training?

I think I am going to suck it up,invest in a good pair of jogging bra and sign up for a 5K race. My goal to do it under 30 mins. Right now I am a 15 min per mile and I almost, am dead at the end of that mile.

I call my kids monsters and rakshash and rakshash ka bacha..And they in turn call me rakshash mommy. Some of the ladies here dont like it. Whatevah!

PS:My kids (the 4 yr old)has shouted Momma come and wash my gaand from the bathroom.. Mama I need to go and do tatti.

See how my parenting skills makes your so look so much better.

kbpm said...

see i DONT know why I am so hyper right now. gotto figure it out. worst part is i am eating all the wrong things so that after all that the tummy remains resolutely fat. :(

training for marathon, well its OK for October but need to scale up big time. and do weights. important thing that.

if it were up to the entire world would be running all over the place. so yeah go for it, girl!

choxbox said...

and you call me funny when i just carry a 15-16 kg child for like coupla hours?

i think you have more energy than the rest of us put together. oh sorry i forget the one who you arm-wrestled with.

dipali said...

Where's all that energy coming from? Whose monster genes do you have?

Serious Lounger said...

mamma mia, youse scares me.. ye are indeed a monster.. Btw i think yer genes have somehow managed to descend into the brat and the seal pup - they did pretty much the same thing as you did all weekend.. i feel like i have been run over by a road roller (no i am not talking of a flat stomach here) with aches and pains everywhere.

Babbi said...

your energy now scares me.. i am NEVER going to mess with you.. you will kick-box me, and show me your monstrous side!

Airspy said...

Self realisation dawns....Way to go.