Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Jolly Number 10

Lets see. Car license plate, sums up to ten. Ten, fingers; Ten, toes; Ten; the number to count to when temper flares; Ten, the time I go to bed at night; Ten, sum of numbers in my first passport; Ten, sum of numbers in my roll n at college; Ten, scoops of cerelac for a wholesome breakfast; Ten, dabs of anti-perspirant; Ten, Ten, Ten, its all about this number today, which incidentally is the 10th of the month.

Ok so now sum up the numbers in 10, get 1. A new beginning.

The Tenth Wedding Anniversary though is tomorrow, the Eleventh of the month.


Vanessa said...

Belated Happy anniversary. Write a post on how u look back at the 10 years of married life? The ups and downs. LM or AM?

kbpm said...

vanessa -
thanks. LM.
the marriage itself is fine,feels like it was always there in my life, and the wedding as an event was incidental. but then the main thing is that I feel real old, you know, like I used to hear of someone's tenth anniv and go 'Wow' meaning 'Gosh they are so old' even if it could mean, 'boy they got married young' :-)