Friday, 20 July 2007

Email Therapy

In a bit of a rage today. It is difficult to say why this mood strikes me. Usually happens in the mornings. It could be due to one of several things, or probably a combination of all them.

I woke up all set to clean the fish tank, where the water had been miraculously replaced by a very viscous and sort of opaque fluid. Should have done this a couple of days ago but what with all the things that make my everyday special, I did not have time. Of course it was a matter of too little too late cause one of the two surviving residents of tank had called it quits. Damned thing to find first thing after you brush your teeth. I have filled it this time with aquaguard water (of course further purified with that chlorine solution that came with the tank). Hoping for best. Not emotionally shaken or anything, is what I am telling myself, but this counts as main possibility of rage.

Even before leaving home, I had several incidents that helped in increasing frustration, my husband asking me ‘Is that for me?’ when I walked in with my bowl of cereal for some reason made me go completely mad. The child meanwhile managed to retain a mouthful of cornflakes for about half an hour (or so it seemed) with minimal to no chewing or swallowing. I saw red again, and put away the rest of it. Yelled a bit at her slowness is wearing her shoes and stepping out the door too. Raging by then.

‘Its rocking’ - despite Kareena Kapoor’s face appearing in front of my eyes when I hear the song, I like it. It put me in a better mood thankfully as I drove out and I managed to exchange a couple of smiles and explain to child why I was so irritated and so on. Music is good. Calms the nerves somewhat. Gave a ride to two hassled looking ladies although the place they were going to was some 100 meters away (they did not know that, you see). They were happy, there I am done with my somewhat good deed for the day.

But the day has unraveled up to lunch with nothing attractive happening. The requests for civil repairs I had made three months ago are as yet unattended to, my office wall is crumbling and I am sick of writing complaints, I cannot find anyone I want to talk to on the phone, and to top it all as I was taking her to her LKG school that monster kid of mine hit her head and it bled a little and I am feeling super nervous about it although it has stopped bleeding now and I have wiped it with dettol and what not.

What would be good now is a flood of personal and personalized emails from friends, preferably sharing some good news. It is always cool to get a whole spate of these, sort of makes you feel alive and loved and what not. After all, I barely remember phone calls any more, but an email – if I like it, I read it a few times, savour it. Oh well, if not that, how about a stiff drink. Yeh Ganpat, Chal Daaru Laa.

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