Wednesday, 25 July 2007


It is not for the faint-hearted. I am at home, sort of, trying major acrobatics to manage the meetings and stuff at work. Child has a fever. The pediatrician 'recommends' that I keep her at home and away from school and creche for the rest of the week. Help her build up her immunity, prevent infecting all the rest of the kids. Of course, I consider him my guru in all matters related to child, but this is real tough. Up to this week, I could have managed quite well in such a situation, while this week was committed to hard core work and meetings and discussions, so with this, everything goes for a toss, with no hope of recovery.

My sister-in-law who saved me the past couple of days, has now managed to catch it, whatever it is, and is being rested for this innings. Me, I almost got it myself but by eating an immense amount of food at a lunch one day, and using major mental strength and what not, have warded it off. Of course, the husband and the blackberry, who both went to bat yesterday evening, have insane schedules and are not exhibiting very great form, so are kept on stand-by for today and tomorrow.

Reinforcements are being bussed in tomorrow, in the form of eternal saviour and upholder of all things hygienic (and hate-r of restaurant food and boil-er of aquaguard water). My mother. Till that happens, here I am, parallel processing like crazy; colouring with one hand and emailing with the other, on the phone with colleague and spoon in the other hand feeding soup to a reluctant mouth. And, about a hundred times a day, clearing up the small tiny pieces that constitute the Barbie (yuk) Kitchen Set. Right now, my heart all a-flutter, I am waiting for my cook who had agreed to be here for an hour or so since I *have* to go to the office now. Not for the faint-hearted I tell you.


Vanessa said...

Ah, this post was not for me..... I panic at the slightest illness/ sign of being unwell shown by my daughter. 99% of the time it's nothing. Wish i could be more relaxed and level-headed.
The roots might be that she was born very weak, was in the NICU 10 days after birth (infection)with little or no hopes of survival. And on top of it, hubby was abroad. I fought the battle alone. This might be something that has changed a carefree - always happy me into a brooding - worrying - hypermom.....God knows when i'll be the same as before.

kbpm said...

vanessa- i am nowhere close to relaxed or level-headed. and this is not just about the child, in general, i am not that person. There is not enough meditation in the world to fix my problem. so dont feel alone in it! I am sure you are a great mom, and thats all that matters. Being relaxed and carefree is particularly overrated and completely impractical.