Wednesday, 10 January 2007


I have been enormously cheesed off at all the spitting that happens on the streets.

10 am
Today I was parking car when the driver of parked car in next spot spat, not once or twice, but three times. Right in front of his own feet too. Then was walking merrily back to his car. Must have been about twenty-five. Thin. Looked neat.
I could not stop myself. Went up and said, how come you spit and then walk around right there. Dont you feel its dirty. He felt shy, looked down at his feet, gave a small embarassed smile. Nothing else. But at least no anger, somewhat seemed to agree with me. I did not linger and give a long lecture or ask for any assurances.

2 pm
I was walking around. Its a campus here. Green and clean. A very large guy spit. Was amazed at the size of the blob that came out of his mouth. He was about 30. Very tall. Unkempt hair. I was scared. Let it go. I hope thats the last time I am passive on this one. But do need a strategy.

Next day - 9:30 am
I am driving. Nice residential locality. Clean again. 30-ish man in round moon glasses. A quick small spit. I make a face at him. He looks at me insolently (I think). He is not big, not scary, just a regular guy with a regular job wearing glasses and a nice pant, shirt, shoes, but, when it comes to it - spitting on the road. Why?
But if I ask him to not spit on the road, and he HAS to spit (could happen you know, even if you are not chewing paan), where will he go?
Do need a strategy. For today I stay inside my office entirely.

Day 3 of KBPMs spitting chronicle. - 10 am
Small, well aimed spit from driver of Sumo that trucks call center employees at all times of day and night. Had to lean well out of his seat. Must have been tall because the foot on the accelerator was not removed even though this leaning was happening.

I am wondering - do women spit? I mean I am sure they do, I have seen the tobacco/paan chewing, TB patient kinds generate lot of spit-material, but you know, spit for the sake of spitting. Do women do it?
I am also trying to generate spit-material and see if I can hang on till I go to the bathroom or I have to spit on my office floor. God knows it deserves it. So far, have hung on till bathroom sink.

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