Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Anyone remember Tatum O'Neal? I remembered the name but had completely forgotten the context. So I was reading the wikipedia entry and thinking, hmm.. actress? How come I know her. And really, I thought there was a tennis connection? Oh yeah! She was married to John McEnroe of course! Of course! It all comes back now.

And Tantum, is apparently some sort of gargle medicine I should be using. I am a bit worried 'cause I have to run a race in a couple of weeks time. Olympics fever (unrelated to the 'flu) makes you all aware and conscious of things that show up in dope tests, things that are OTC medications for sinusitis etc. usually.

Careful reflection will of course inform you that these things are relevant when one is setting national records, at the very least. Not so much for slightly overweight (for a runner) hobbyjoggers who crawl to the finish of a reasonably low key local race. The highlight of which is going to be dinner with friends. And the train ride with the child.

"You haven't seen me in ages" said the doctor. Nothing against her, I have just been very well. I haven't been to her in 1.5 years. In the interim, I met the dentist one time, because I was convinced that my wisdom tooth was infected (it wasn't even. damn. why was it hurting like hell then?).

"Lets load you up with antibiotics and anti-histamine and something called Mucolit (what an attractive name)" she said. I was trying to avoid just that. I have lived with my cold, cough, general sense of doom and despair, and lack of energy for like 15 days now. Why? Because I wanted to avoid anti-biotics.

"Yes, thats fair but we don't want any damage to your lungs" she said. I cannot deny that. I like my lungs. I need them fresh and perky and not black and lesion-y. They are important to me. They are the shrine I worship at. So I sucked it up and filled the prescription.

Two things made me finally succumb and go get this checked out:

  • Overall run-down-ness and crabbiness and consequent tantrummi-ness (McEnroe style!)
  • Difficult uphill (gentle slope) run where my lungs sent a final cry for help and hoped I'd listen
So I listened. And I met the doc. And now I look with dread at the list of scary sounding medicines I need to ingest over the next five days. Oh well. At least, the doctor said that she would like to join our Marina Beach runs sometimes. Hope she does, that will be fun, I am sure! 

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dipali said...

Listen to your lungs and to your body. Let it heal. That will surely help in the long run:)