Tuesday, 14 August 2012

How much is too much?

I have been biting the students' ears off with this thing called the Sebatier Principle. Which basically asserts that perfection lies in the middle. Y'know. Not too much. Not too little. Just the right amount. Goldilocks would have approved.

The most difficult thing I have been doing lately is being a parent. I have fallen into the depths of a most unbelievable soul-searching exercise, and emerged triumphant from it. Well, not triumphant really, just realised that the truth is the truth and so be it.

How do these super mommies do it? I don't understand. Its not like the child (monstrous as she is), is that awful. She is a bit spaced out, for sure. She is a bit uppity, no doubt. She doesn't seem to like math enough, yes. But seriously, not too bad, overall.

So then the explanation for my complete lack of patience has to be that I suck. Or am too old. Or too stressed out about irrelevant things. Anyway that whole soul searching thing made me want to change things around a bit at the homestead.

Now, I have to be neither too controlling nor too loose on the reins. I have to reprimand a little but not too much. I have to give a little, accommodate her crazinesses a little, but not too much. I have be a bit of a strict disciplinarian but not over much. I have to have her study a little but not so much.

Well, unfortunately, this stuff requires a lot of patience. A lot of good quality sleep. Plenty of plenty of time. These are difficult things to get, currently. Work is super hectic. Race is in like 10 days. I am in a billion committees all day long. I am late on a lot of deadlines already.

At least I have a few minutes to write something. Coherent or not... 

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Shiuli Ganguly said...

Your child oozes charm from every pore. A grand old soul she is. I assure you that your balancing act is at the crest of Sabatier's ( a bit too) pointy wave. Such a treat for me to take a peek at the great beyond.