Friday, 8 June 2012

Is it PMS?

(thank you

I remember reading this strip back in 1994. I remember walking through an aisle filled with pain medication at the local CVS and thinking 'lets give this midol a chance.' That was not a good idea. It only made me feel more weird and crazy and sent my stomach into complete turmoil. 

Aside from colic and runner's high, PMS must rate as the biggest mystery/con in  the human world. No one understands it, really. All the offered explanations and solutions ring false, and sound stupid. And these three things are what I like to deny the most. Denial! Yes!

This morning as I was screaming like a lunatic and running up and down the stairs like a banshee, I looked at my husband and dared him to call it PMS. Of course, he is well-trained. He learnt years ago to shut out my voice completely. (Its another matter that I am a slow-learner. Dammit).

At any rate, day 2 of the new school year is off to a decent start (despite the, well, banshee-ness of yours truly). The new uniform has been worn and declared to be more 'tent-like' than the previous one. The new shoes size has been compared to mine and the words 'almost there' uttered with triumph. 

What pearls of wisdom did I impart to my child as I waved her off into standard IV? 
1. Clarify to your teacher that you are a girl, and not a boy. 
2. Tell her you need to sit in the first row because your doctor refuses to correct your sight fully.
3. Remember to eat lunch.

Yes, we are Keeping It Simple Stupid this year. 


Choxbox said...

In these parts it is banshee-ness times 2. But, off now. Phew.

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

Yeah well. She did NONE of those things i asked her to. She brought back her entire lunch (almost) and since her father picked her up, am sure lived to regret it. So annoying.

Vichar Lochan said...

Hiiiii. How nice it is to be badmouthed on my mother's blog.
I did TOO ask for a front seat but SOMEONE (cough cough, my class teacher, cough cough) insisted that I "didn't need it. You already have glasses!"
Did not regret not finishing lunch. Also, I had half of the ridiculously huge amount that SOMEONE (cough cough, you, cough cough) sent.