Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Day Run

We had to rush off to Mysore for a couple of days. Our plan for this year was to NOT GO ANYWHERE. Seriously, it was even on some planner/agenda thing of my husband. To SPEND ALL DECEMBER in Chennai. Because the weather is good (like, heavenly, by Chennai standards). Travelling during December is hellish with all the crowds and the potential for flu and germs. There is the music season which we always miss by our foolishness. In short, December is the best month in Chennai. Plus there is the small tiny matter of my marathon coming up soon. I figured I ought to be in serious training for it and not wasting energy gallivanting. I mean, every single year we would go away during December and although I was really 'only' training for a half marathon those years, things would get screwed up. Or so it felt. So mainly, I didn't want to go anywhere because I wanted to concentrate on my training runs & workouts...

Of course, all best laid plans... We had to go home, for at least a couple of days, to pay respects to one of my aunts who just lost her husband after a bit of a hospital sojourn. I tried to not to analyse it too much. Its a good thing to do. I packed both my asics and my vibrams. Of course we were at a christmas/birthday party the evening before we were to head out. Of course. I had to wake up early and pack. The monster developed a nice phlegmy cough for the occasion. I retorted by having a nasty headache and my period began somewhere near Krishnagiri.

We got home on Saturday, dog tired I mean, I don't even drive on these long ones. And our car is not some old thing with its suspension shot or anything. Its super big and nice and comfy, and well, German. Got to generally love German engineering. Nevertheless, super tired. And DAYAHM. Its freezing cold there. I was ready for it, sort of. Packed two sweatshirts & my trusted green sweater and all the possible jackets and things the monster owns. But so cold there!

I told my mum that I would run the next day, but not early morning. Usually when I visit, I wake up at 5:15 - 5:20 and get ready so I can leave with her at 5:45 or so when she heads off on her morning walk. I walk a bit with her till I warm up and then start running on that trail there. That was too difficult to anticipate this time. I slept in nicely till like 7 am and found to my surprise, that my husband woke up and wanted to go with me. Mum takes her weekly exercise break on Sundays so she was home. With the monster asleep.

Off we went, blowing hot breath smoke out and wearing sweatshirts. I chose my asics. We ran steadily for about 20 mins. Couple of miles. We were on the trail by then. Its really an awesome trail right around the lake there. But the problem is that its only about 4 km long. Which means its not ideal for longer runs. Nevertheless, I stuck at it and the husband chose to hang back and run:walk for a bit. I was warm by the time I hit 10km... I ran in the opposite direction so I could catch up with him. I was wearing my fuel belt and had a Gu. But he didn't want anything. When the hour was up he took off home and I continued on my way.

I was super bored of the trail by then. So I went on the roads. I am a local gal, thankfully, so wasn't bothered by the stares. I mean, not many women run on the roads there, and that fuel belt thing does look weird. I have to pull it down over my ass every few minutes as it rides up. Plus I was coughing a bit (the monster like coughing in my face - just to test out my immunity I guess). And blowing my nose on a little blue towel periodically. But the roads are so damn beautiful. And the trees, are awesome. By then, I was thankful for the coolness, everything was gunning well. Usually I suffer from the elevation - its at 700m above MSL (Garmin says). & I have been training at 0 for ever now. And there are climbs, a fair number of them. Not hills, per se, but climbs anyhow, and my legs don't like climbs. So my pace is generally a bit off compared to my Chennai ones, but this time around, it was pretty good.

I went into my high school. I muttered something to the security guard and oh! the memories it brought back. I used to go all out at the beginning. I really was a sprinter, 200m was too long for me. But I insisted on running the 400 & 800 as well, if the numbers allowed it. I did that little 800m stretch we used to do. I forgot to check on the Eucalytus trees that line one side of this route. But I was so peaceful and happy running there. I was sure glad I didn't succumb to my laziness and return home when my husband did! (For him, it was a long enough run as his upcoming race is a 10k in February & not a monster of a 42k in January!).

I returned home having not even touched the Gu over the course of my 19km. I could have gone longer, I swear. I stopped because I returned to the road mum's place is on and and went back and forth a couple of kms after that but its really boring to go back out again. I came in all energetic for some dosas (mum makes the best dosas!), and discovered that it was Christmas! It was a good Christmas gift for me to have my husband get out there and run my favourite little trail with me, for at least a bit! As an added bonus he took back my nasty sweaty sweatshirt so I could run the rest of the distance unencumbered...

It was a peaceful trip overall, if physically a bit draining. Aunt seemed to be holding up okay. My sis and family came over as well. And the kids went nuts playing, which was awesome. Mum seemed fine. We made a lot of noise and I brought back a bunch of my dad's chemistry books. I also found a pile of my certificates and shiz like that. That was a bit sad and happy. I will never break my own personal bests at the short distances - I mean the track distances - 100, 200, 400, or 800m. Nope, thats done. But its enough to know I was there back then, it gives me hope for the new venture I am taking up in 2012...

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What a cool Christmas, Kenny!