Friday, 4 November 2011

MARG Chennai Runners Race - on Sunday!

This is it folks. The weekend is nearly upon us. I have new-found appreciation now for all the race organisers of all the races I have been to. Its a veritable nightmare! And I haven't even been involved in scary things such as catering (breakfast!), medals, doattend (the web-site that does the online registrations), etc. Just working with the deshvaasi on the race location logistics & within campus registrations. It has been lots of fun, and its only because I am a worry-wart that I am consumed by worries about the race. Yes, that must be the truth. And of course the fact that aside from the race there is life as we know it, going on, and so very busy. I want to say that its all been very happy and maybe on hind-sight I will be happy for this phase of my life which gets over on Sunday. But right now, all I am at 7 am this friday is breathless...

MARG Chennai Runners Half Marathon & 10k Race
This Sunday Nov 6th @ 6 am
IIT Madras  

There is a big life lesson, epiphany type thing that has happened in the process of working towards this. I can't put that in words yet. But one thing I will say, the Chennai Runners have enthu in abundance! They have just been spectacular in putting this whole thing together, and hats off to them. Go read about them at: Stop by the event page at while you are at it. If you are not in Chennai and cannot physically come to us, send your love electronically. And watch this space for a coherent report when Kenny feels less breathless....

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