Monday, 15 August 2011

Movie time!

After several years, we managed to catch a movie at the theater. A combination of reasons prevent us from watching movies. The main one is that I suck at it. I fall asleep. I don't like most of the ones that are playing. I don't like kiddie movies. I can't stand tamizh movies, like, at all. I don't like watching movies where I don't like the actors. My husband will not watch a movie that has Priyanka Chopra in it. What do we do with the child? We don't want to take her. She will sleep for sure. Irritate for double sure.

After much contriving, we booked tickets last week (online! Man! what a revelation!). As always in recent times, our crazy social life demanded that we were at a dinner party at 7 pm, and had to skip out of there soon to get to the show on time. Plus we had a Dakshinchitra work brunch type thing next morning to contend with, as well. We are old hands at this jugglery and skulduggery. So we found ourselves in our party best (not!) at the movie place. We acted our age and didn't know which end of the ticket machine was up, and which end down. The helpful guy there muttered 'Oldies' under his breath, I swear.

We had watched Dil Chahta Hai like a hundred times in our youth, and loved it. I distinctly remember one New Year's Eve weekend in Charlotte, NC, circa 2001. Husb. was plonked in a large-ish beanbag. I was sprawled on the floor. Rest of the junta were walking around, demanding various movies. We shouted them all down, and over a bunch of drinks watched DCH again. And still enjoyed it. Now, despite my recent dislike of Aamir Khan (pretentious holier-than-thou attitude, you), I like the movie, somewhat. We also liked Rock On and sing all the songs loudly all the time, so we figured Farhan Akhtar? We can stand. Last time I saw Hrithik Roshan was in Kites, and that was an unmitigated disaster, I swear. We ordered it on Tata Sky and I fell asleep pretty soon, despite Hrithik Roshan. Still, he is undeniably good looking, even if he makes a few ridiculous movies. So, Zindagi, we figured could be fun, somewhat...

Maybe our expectations were set low enough. Maybe it helped that we plonked the monster at home. And no, I did not feel in the least bit guilty about it. So. Tummies were full from the dinner. I was in a slightly bad mood and quite happy to escape into the unreal world of a big screen extravaganza set in Spain. Didn't dislike any of the actors. Farhan Akhtar had the best lines, I was laughing loudly. Hrithik Roshan - well, despite disliking his hair-style and having some cribs about him wearing Raybans (Dude, I wear it too, can you like, upgrade, considering you are some hot shot financial services - whatever that might mean - person) - remains my favourite Bollywood eye-candy. Abhay Deol? I know lots of people don't like him and think he is wooden and after all, he is Sunny Deol's brother. But I like him. There is always DevD. And Aisha. No, I did not watch Aisha with my husband, on the big screen (Am I crazy? He would have walked out, I am sure). I watched it where I watch everything these days - on a flight, with my personal set of head-phones that keep slipping. And? Well, it was cute. Plus I have a weakness for dimples, Pride & Prejudice is a must-read every few years, Sonam Kapoor I think is a wonderful clothes-horse, so that whole movie worked out very well for me.

As did, ZNMD. Not too much sentimental crap. Songs not overdone or anything. The gibs and wise-cracks kept coming through the length of the film. Thankfully, main-man didn't dislike it either. At any rate, it was his choice so I could well have pinned it back on him.

'Kenny, you didn't sleep through'

'I know, I am damn proud of myself. We should do this again'

The monster was safely asleep, lulled I am sure by her grandparent's snoring. We crawled back into the house and upstairs to bed. My head was buzzing a bit with images of tomatinos and bulls and stuff.

'I could totally go on a Guys Only trip like that and be cool, no?'

'You crazy or what? I am so *not* taking you along'

'Okay, but I cannot go on a girly trip involving facials and spas and drinks with little umbrellas on them, you know, right?'

'Okay Kenny, you are one of the guys. We should go check out Spain sometime for sure'

So that - is the plan. Road Tripping. Music. Beer. (No Tequila Shots for us, thank you very much). Who wants to go with us? We promise to be nice, and fun, and flexible, and adventurous (somewhat).


Airspy said...

me. me. and will there be crowds?

kbpm said...

airspy, lets go. anyway we have plans afoot for you. not spain. just like eagleton etc. there will be no crowds!! no way!

Sraikh said...


Choxbox said...

we almost went to it, same time as you guys, different city thats all. we even had free vouchers and yesterday was the last day. all waste only now, such bad movie-goers we are, for reasons same as yours.

but we didn't go - 100 silly reasons (incl. the younger one thoroughly enjoying feeding some very hungry fish). and now the man is off on a long trip far east. will have to catch the movie myself when kids are in school.

airspy, coming? its close to your office too.

kbpm said...

Sraikh- Of course!! Lets Parttaaayyy! (Pitchers of Sangria, here we come)

kbpm said...

Chox- take Airspy. It will be an interesting experiment to take her and watch her closely. Here is a selling point. At least, in this movie, HR doesn't look like he is gently eating an apple when he kisses. Unlike in Dhoom2. Not that i can blame him, considering it was Ash (acting as apple).

Airspy said...

I cant believe you watched Dhoom! Will I still be included in eagleton-like places inspite of coming ONLY with brattish monsters in tow?

Chox, this movie needs to be watched i think. It certainly seems to affect people one way or the other.

How, When is the Q. Some sunday when the kids can be dumped with H.

kbpm said...

airspy, not Dhoom. Dhoom2. Only. Despite Ash. You dont know I am a big Hrithik Roshan fan or what? I watched Kites (or at least tried to!). You surely should not take the kids to this movie. so, please conspire suitably.

madrasi said...

But the Brangan didn't give it 2 thumbs up?

kbpm said...

yeah well brangan's a boy. what do you expect? also, brangan is too intellectual yaar. i mean, please. this movie is crap. no big message or anything,

Choxbox said...

airspy: friday please? come on we can both sneak out of work/etc for a movie one time - lets make up for the IIT days ;)

dipali said...

I love your take on the movies!