Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Eat Cake!

I am an overall crazy enthusiastic person. No doubt. But I have my moments, days too. I am not really known to be 'moody' - you know like many people are cranky at times, and happy at others and you just have to catch them at the right time to see it all. I am not like that. I am generally pretty un-cranky. Though I have my days. This, is one of them.

Been trying to analyse the reasons for.

1. Shoulder pains from workout
2. Was out for dinner last night, veg burger tasted like cutlet (which I absolutely hate)
3. Had to drive myself for dinner out last night
4. Got lost fucking metro construction
5. Had to rely on 'instinct' at 10 pm, on dark Chennai roads
6. Husband accused me of disturbing his sleep because I switched on light and read Lance Armstrong at 10:30pm (irony of that boggles the mind).
7. Child fussy
8. Shoulder still pains from workout, is not nice pain any more
9. Ate left-over rice for breakfast as in hurry
10. Had to carry bag and climb on bus
11. Sweating as usual
12. Homies refused to wake up for swimming this morning
13. Had brought up milk & coffee for them for morning wake-up
14. I went back to sleep myself, forgoing cross training AGAIN

Yes, so that makes sense. I am pissed off. Don't come near me. I might bite. I might have rabies too, possibly gotten from the cutlet like burger.


Choxbox said...

Know what, you need such days, just to stay sane overall.

Ludwig said...

> I am an overall crazy enthusiastic person.

Really? One wouldn't have thought so.

Ludwig said...

> I am an overall crazy enthusiastic person.

Really? Wouldn't have believed that if it wasn't for this confession.

kbpm said...

Ludwig, dont make me write you one of those text messages in all caps. Dont MAKE ME.

Airspy said...

i am scared.

dipali said...