Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Musings, and a Challenge!

No, really, I shouldn't. But its lunch time (somewhere in the world, I mean, if not here).

Things I learnt about myself the past week (or two or three)::

1. I can dance if you break it down into steps and call out the numbers up 1-2, down 1-2. My training for years, wearing khaki/blue and a giantass belt, and shoes that were too big for me (always! newspaper tucked in front) clearly helps me. [In case your generation does not do this, its called National Cadet Corps and while its purpose is pretty unclear, its a fun way to get out of doing household chores such as mopping floors. Not to mention boring homework. Works till you are about 16 years of age].
2. I cannot see too well any more. I have like 0.50 power in both eyes (its negative, so far..). Which means that its not a big deal and I ought to be rocking sunglasses and showing off my mascara alternately. Except that I don't wear mascara. And don't know why but feel very uncomfy without my glasses these days. At least I feel like I belong in the family now, considering the two homies look around for their glasses the first thing in the mornings .
3. I am officially bored of the semester [and, parenthetically, the school year]. I want to wind up this stuff and move on to the summer. The Summer! It beckons! I am staring longingly at swimming in the morning [for the cross training benefits, exclusively]. Breakfasts. Gentle amounts of work. A vacation. Meeting mum. Stuff like that. But I still have at least a month to go and a gadzillion things to do. So. Bah.
4. I have become a bit of a lazy ass. I need to start up on a challenge, I think. Okay, Done. 15 day Challenge. Bye.

15-Day Challenge
Dates: 23 Mar - 6 Apr
  • Total Miles to run: 5 x 15 = 75
  • Total Interval Workouts to complete: 2 (6 x 400m ones like last time is good enough)
  • Total Biking Miles: 1 x 15 = 15 (meaning, not much, just to get to the running places and so forth)
  • Ab workouts: 15
  • Push Up Challenge: Nil (don't dare say why, Bannu will be upset at me, I still have NOT)
  • Swimming: 2 sessions, 15 (chota) laps (seriously, thats all I can hope for)
  • Food, Diet, etc.: Whatever, doesn't matter.
Want to do this with me? So we can compare notes and you can kick my ass if I laze? Please? You don't have to be in Chennai, you know that right? The InterNetz! I will send (give) you a gift at the end of it all! I will!


Saad Bhamla said...

I'll take up the pushup challenge.

Lets compare notes ok?

kbpm said...

since you anyway do a bunch of pushups everyday, you would need to add one more to it everyday. on apr6th, you have to do x+15 continuously. deal?

Ludwig said...

I am hoping to drink a large RC with soda and ice every alternate day till such time as I can claim that ankle has healed. Wish me luck. We can compare notes also.

kbpm said...

yeah i can do that too. how abt I drink Absolut with Orange Juice everyday (ha! I see you and I raise you!). You are ON LUDWIG.

Jeevan Baretto said...

I'll take the running challenge and also the ab work out. I need that. Ran 3 miles yesterday and felt so good :)

kbpm said...


Cool! Think of our Mumbai Hill Runs! What speed are you at these days?

dipali said...

I think I will cheer on all the enthu cutlets!

Jeevan Baretto said...

I don't know the speed. But roughly I take 20 mins for 3 miles.

Bannu said...

Hmmmm...... I think we need to talk.

Serious Lounger said...

can we do a how many miles we travelled in 5 days across how many cities.. only my bro used to be able to beat me at that :)

Serious Lounger said...

kewl, can we do a how many miles across how many cities covered in five days challenge.. only bro used to beat me at that :)

Jeevan Baretto said...

Sorry it wasn't 20 mins for 3 miles. May be 30 - 35 mins for 3 miles :)

kbpm said...

Jeevan- OK, cool!
Lounger- Yeah sure. I have threatened to wake your brother up at 5:30 am, irrespective of which city he is in. :-)
Bannu- I KNOW! I have still not done it. Week has been just insane with deadlines (its still not finished). Will go, will go...

SrgntPepper said...

are you going to 5 X 24 km runs in two weeks?

kbpm said...

srgtpepper - yeah, thats the plan! as a little growing up gift to myself for budday upcoming!! 5 miles a day seems quite do-able. Only thing is, keeping at it daily. I missed today, so I think I will miss the target by a bit. Especially given that I have to get in some swimming mileage. And take care of the knees.