Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hello, Weekend? Goodbye, Weekend.

Do you dislike Mondays? I don't, so much. I used to hate Sunday evening/night more than any other thing. This was when we were in our long distance thing. He would leave back to New York on Sunday, in the evening. In anticipation of that, we would be at each other's throats the whole day (or nearly). I also had to cook stuff to send with him (the guilt, it hangs heavy on this one). As a rule, I enjoy cooking. But sometimes, it was just sad. I was sending him tupperwares filled with Sambar and Rasam and so on, and thinking, Shi-ite, he is going to have to make this last till wednesday at least (Thursday being Happy Hour day and no one eats old Sambar when you can play ridiculous games involving beer pitchers and such like, not even vegetarians. And Friday is when he would drive back up to College Inn - Seriously, I lived in a place that was called College Inn).

Now that we share a postal address, and have spawned a child, Sunday nights go very differently. We hang around. We polish the white shoes for Monday school. We eat leftovers (some things don't change, eh?). I cook sometimes, feeling very enthusiastic and driving up the house temperature by several. We go out and meet friends, sometimes, always telling ourselves that we ought to be back early because of school. I teach early class on Mondays, often. So I wake up super early and read and so forth. I wake the homies up and head off. I don't mind Mondays, its nice to have an early, fresh start to the week.

Since coming to Chennai, weekends have gotten fairly busy. There are the exercise orgy weekends sometimes - Long run Sat morning, Basketball Sat evening, Swim Sun morning, Basketball Sun evening. Those are lovely. Even though my eyelids start to droop by 8 pm. There are the social butterfly weekends - Long run Sat morning, Party Sat evening, Dehydrated Sun morning, Get Together Sun night. Then there are weekends like the last one, where I (a) cooked for several hours for several people (b) slept for several hours in several bursts. Not much exercise then, especially since there was a contagious jet lag type situation. He was genuinely, I think (having returned from parts West on Sat wee hours and Splish Splash Surely He Knew There Was A Party Going On and his grandmother was here too?). I was, just, in a zone.

I like to get my long run out of the way on Saturday. Its best for the household. My overall state of meta-stability means I get to avoid basketball for a few more weeks. I just went there and hung out on sidelines. The monster was running a bit of fever on friday so we did not bring her to the pool this weekend, which is just as well. I tried to sleep a bit extra this morning since it was a late-ish Saturday night (by my standards), but was rudely woken up by her. At least we sat in the garden for a bit and talked about Energy and so on for a few minutes. I am helping out with a summer camp for her school so that helped with some calibration. I cooked a bit. Veggie shopping combined with the dance class for monster. Lunch followed by a fairly long meeting about one of our upcoming trips. And a birthday party. Lots of new people met! A sprawling old house filled with heavy old artsy things!

So, on tuesday last, I posted the challenge. Here is how I have fared::

1. Running: 50 + 40 + 90 = 180 total mins. Possibly 18 miles, maybe a bit more.
2. Abs: 1 + 1 + 1 = 3.
3. Biking: 2 miles
4. Swimming: none
5. Interval w/o: none

This leaves me behind schedule. Definitely. By now, I should have run 25 miles. And done 5 sets of ab workouts. Other things are still handle-able. So, now I have to run 6 miles everyday this week to make up for that. The ab workouts I won't try.

Anyhow, what is left is: 57 miles, 12 ab workout events, 13 bike miles, 15 swim laps, and 2 interval workout events.

Till later then...


Jeevan Baretto said...

So far I have three 3 mile runs, plus two 0.25 mile swims and 2 abs work out. I need tot increase the distance slowly as I am hoping to run another half this may.

SrgntPepper said...

my god! you should get one of them gps watches to keep track.

kbpm said...

yes sir yes. this summer i will do the needful and arm myself with a garmin. at least i dont use my normal watch any more. i use a timex ironman triathlon thingie.

jeevan - cool. which one? can you find me a race (Half or less) in July in the general Massachusetts area while at it?

Jeevan Baretto said...

I am running the May 7th, Capital city half - Columbus, OH. Will look up races in July and let you know.

SrgntPepper said...

no internet in chennai? wassup with the silence?