Thursday, 14 January 2010


Recently, I rediscovered a lost love.

Yo Yo Check this out Check this out:
I pulled up to a house about seven or eight
& Yelled to the cabbie, Yo Homes Smell Ya Later!
Looked at my kingdom I was finally there
To sit on my throne as the WHAT??

You know, right, The Absolutely Fabulous (wait, thats another show I used to like to watch), the one and only, Will Smith, my lost love, as The Fresh Prince of BelAir!!

So anyway, I remembered it and sang it for the half-pint (or pint, as the case might be). She LOVED it. She called up her father and said Yo Homes Smell Ya Later. I know, we are very respectful like that around this household of late. So, stories involving pongs became popular for a day or two. I went for a run and returned smelling deliciously, well, delicious, and received my Smell Ya Later promptly.

But Pong reminded me also of the fact that today is Pongal. Which means its a holiday. WooHoo! Which is the reason I could sleep late. Well, that, and the fact that the husband caught a flight in the morning and so of course I could not get up and go run or anything. And the fact that I am SUPER DEPRESSED because my laptop died. It made some preparatory squeaky noises, of ear-splitting decibels, and then proceeded to die. I have handed it over to unreliable looking service professional (ha! that word as applied to them is sort of too funny) in Adyar. Meanwhile its the bat-cave and the deKStop at home. As it is, I don't house a desktop at office because I find it much more convenient to use the laptop everywhere. The laptop which probably has something very serious wrong with it.

Oh well.

It could be worse I suppose. Holiday today. Mumbai Marathon over weekend. Made some species of data backup end of November. Managed to get squared away for tomorrow by working hard and redoing things yesterday itself. Just have to photocopy today and will be all set. Might as well use this opportunity to cancel the Early AM class on Monday and move it to afternoon, right? Who knows?

In the best case:

* Laptop will be repaired.
* Data will be restored.
* Global Warming will be reversed (not too much, not to IceAge levels, but just....enough..)
* Aliens will be formless thought-waves.


ChoxBox said...

Happy PONGal then.

And switch to Mac ASAP.

wordjunkie said...

Thought wave aliens... scary! And your laptop might have been the portal
Happy Pongal.

kbpm said...


wj- i think you may be right, girl! wonder if my hard drive thingie which has an evil yellow light might be next

Sands said...

Happy Pongal! Laptop issues really make it difficult. Hope it gets resuscitated soon :)

Perakath said...

Excellented post!

Sraikh said...

I Loved the fresh prince.
I still love him.

You remember his dorky cousin. I found out someone I know is related to him. How cool is that?:)

kbpm said...

Sands- its somewhat resolved!

Perakath- thanks

sraikh- yeah of course, his name starts with C, its on the tip of my tongue! cool!