Monday, 18 January 2010

How many ways do I love thee?


The sealink. Fucking awesome. Really. It was so absolutely wonderful to run on it. I am not sure it would be likewise to drive on it, after all Mumbai traffic is Mumbai traffic even if I am all sad and missing and loving Mumbai all at once.

The junta came out in droves. I think the Half Marathon was almost as crowded as the Dream Run. At least it felt like it. I was pretty irritated for the first 1-2 km , mostly with people walking five-abreast and pretty much blocking the entire road. Especially those people that tend to walk pendulum fashion, tilting their bodies left to right all the time. And boy! What a profusion of yellow tshirts!

I wore pink. Seriously. It has become my favourite running tee now. Its a dark pink (maybe Fuchsia) asics dryfit thing.

The one thing though with the new Half Marathon route is that its a bit lonely and quiet in stretches. Every year I complain that its too noisy but now I realise that the noise is at times beneficial!

Peddar Road - I conquered her (!). I managed to run through; sipped water just before and just after. And was singing as I did that. Of course my pace did get compromised there, but not as much as usual. I think I finally get the hang of Peddar Road, with its interminable uphill climb and totally unsatisfactory downhill. Its in my head.

My calves cramped up for a few seconds; thankfully after I finished the race. Most likely it was because of my sprinting in the last few meters to the finish line.

Energy-wise, I did real well yesterday. After the race, I came back to Powai, showered, met with two students, drank coffee (and gallons of orange juice), went to Dadar, met the Srgntpepper's adorable little daughter, drank two beers and partook of some fabulous food for lunch, Meru to airport, Indian airlines, back home, Curd Rice, pickle, Bengay for the knees which had started to complain a bit, and passed out through the night, and back at the helm, now. No pain. Not much. A touch of sun, a bit of tan, a bit of tiredness.

The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon really rocks. And my friends, Orcaella, Srgntpepper, Sivey, my Mumbai running gang, and yes, even the Chennai running gang who unfortunately could not come to the SCMM this year, well, you all make it special for me, sea-link or no sea-link. (not to mention my homies, who went to Hyderabad together just so I could peacefully gallivant off to Mumbai). I hope to be back next year!! And meanwhile, its onward to the Auroville Half in February.



ChoxBox said...

If I didn't know you in life (sorry!), I'd never have believed you are real!

Perakath said...

You're a hatter, I say. Running all over the place so.


Parul said...

Well done, Kenny, I thought of you many times yesterday. Will join you next year. But only for the dream run!

Sraikh said...

I had a really funny comment about boobs and running and the thing messed up

I am not retyping it.

Good job on the running.

Sue said...

Well done, Kenny. I can only manage the Fun Run, some 4 odd kilometres and I can't even run all of that!

dipali said...

Congratulations! I'm so proud of you. Hugs.

wordjunkie said...


Sands said...

That is so awesome. Good job!

Bannu said...

Super cool

Rohini said...

Wow! You ran the race and then gallivanted all over town. Awesome!

kbpm said...

ladies & perakath,

heh heh. its sounding crazy to me myself. but i love it! the insane(r) thing is that today, three days later, i dont even feel like i ran, you know, no pain or no nothing.

being a guy, my husband would say, that means you did not push yourself enough... which is ok.. the thing is to do this stuff and let life go on per normal, at least for me!

onward now!