Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Two Peas In a Pod

While on the whole matter of men vs. women (Yeah I know, its not a fight or anything, y'all; am just saying. I swear its fucking Chennai that makes me think like this. Like I must keep my eyes down and na-ah no way I can claim equality and waltz into an evil Tasmac to buy me a quarter). So, anyway, where were we before being interrupted by brackets? Yes. Men. Women.

Last night, in one of those rare occurrences, we found ourselves watching TV together. And the child getting herself to sleep upstairs. I feel vaguely guilty watching anything on TV when she is around. She, of course, has no such compulsions and has been known to drive people out of the house entirely by OD-ing on Perman. Anyway, this is not about her, my monster child.

Its about her father. Not as monstrous, you say? Maybe, maybe, maybe.

So last night, the choice was between some Jet Li type stuff filled to the brim with Chinese looking martial artistes in black tuxedos. And Coyote Ugly. I mean, come on now. Coyote Ugly! A classic, if there was any. "Do we serve water in this bar?" "Hell No H2O Hell No H2O". I know, I know, I should hide my head in shame, but whatever, I prefer it to invincible Steven Seagal type stuff. I have said this a hundred times but my favourite movie scene is the one which in S.S. falls out of a plane and dies in the first two minutes after opening. I think my husband cries at that point, because, imagine, who will be all Buddhist and Balding and break off arms now in the rest of the movie while looking perfectly pan-faced? Who?

So after about 14 seconds when I said, hey you can change the channel, I have already watched this movie (ha! several times, so take that you!), the man breathed this HUGE sigh of relief and quickly figured out two channels which would cater to his esoteric, well-evolved, manly, tastes. Complaining only slightly that Pint bottles made him want to drink more (this I agree with. I am LOVING the green kingfisher pints the Evil Tasmac sold us recently; but its leaving me vaguely dissatisfied occasionally as well).

& This morning- I woke up 5:10 am. Changed. Stepped outside. Still a bit dark. Fuck it. I can take anyone who tries to mess with me. Its simple, just a matter of being aware of your surroundings. I ran. I did a bit of uphill (just the flyover near home). Returned home. Abs. Kitchen duties. Shower.

"Kenny I feel like going back to sleep"
"Dude dont be absurd. Just get out of the house, go to the gym"
"Na. I want to sleep"
"Hey! I rushed back from my run and ran up and down the stairs inside the house so you could gym"
"I know! You are like such a stud, I swear. Don't know how you do this"
"What do you mean, just GO, You dont even look sleepy"
"My knee is hurting"

Two peas in a pod, we are not, that is for sure. But which of us is the more sensible, normal one is still very much under contention.


Serious Lounger said...

kewl, coyote ugly - ugh! jet li and dmx in cradle 2 the grave rock. the movie in which Steven S falls out of the plane and dies is Executive Decision and has Kurt Russell as a office wimp who then whips ten odd terrorists with his specs and something else. Hmm, i consider both of ye certifiably insane, only the monster is sane and she rocks :D :P..

Space Bar said...

are you kidding? of course your husband is normal (when it comes to early morning) and so are you (when it comes to movies).

kbpm said...

SB- :-)

DevarJi- Thankfully it has been ages since I have been caught in the same room as a TV and you. You are also insanely terrible with the channel hopping are you not? Plus you watch Tom & Jerry (Ugh Back To You). Hope the B. & S.P. are keeping you on your toes!!

Perakath said...

WHICH Tasmac sold you the Kingfisher pints? They must have cost 70 bucks or some such ridiculous amount?

kbpm said...

TTK Road. 50 bucks. Not bad no? Want to try them out? I Have like five left.

Perakath said...

Well I've had them before in life, like... but will be happy to help you deplete your stock!

wordjunkie said...

what, no one watches Bgrade horror flicks about aliens popping out of peoples' stomachs.... a sad day indeed.

On the monster front, may I recommend our house favourite, Chibi Maruko Chan. To be watched only in Hindi though, the angrezi voiceover is lifeless.

ChoxBox said...

'dont know how you do this'.

have to agree!

Kali said...

The one getting to spend more time lazing in bed seems more sensible. :)

kbpm said...


I tell you its the Evil Tasmac. I must have drunk, what, about 500 green KF pints in my life? It feels novel now.

Not that I understand what you are saying, but Hey!

No way man. I dont do scifi at all. Aliens! Closest I have come to them is that DHOOOPPPP thing in a Hrithik Roshan flick.. :) Will reco that thing of imps to monster and see how it goes.