Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Thought you would never hear me say this?

The day dawns, cool and gray and wet. I snooze. Its uncharacteristic, I know. I snooze some more. I snuggle a bit into my sheet. Its uncharacteristic, its true, but then did I not recently visit a jewelry store? How much more uncharacteristic can it get than that? I esk you. Anyhow, my husband wakes up. He signals to me to get up, get off my ass, and just go. Obviously, the very fact that he opened both eyes at that hour of the morning means that in the Kenny Household, something has gone awry. Stars have lined up differently. The moon is circling the sun, which is circling the earth, which is rotating in ulta direction, and has stopped leaning on its axis, and stuff like that.

A few years ago, I was visiting Chennai in this season. My mother in law was all over some lamp lighting details. I racked my brains and figured it was Karthikai. You know, the time we light lamps and diyas and so on all over and the curtains billow and you live in mortal fear of curtains catching fire and you in your new silk paavadai are darting in and out and eating sweets of some nature and staring intently at the curtains and that spectacular brass lamp belonging to my aunt which has subsequently disappeared I don't dare ask mum about it she may foist it on me. The lamps usually go out in half a second on this festival day because its unnaturally windy and rainy. Wait, its naturally windy and rainy. Its winter in the tropics (usually lasts a day), for heavens sake. That day, the lamps were tenacious. They hung on. My mil was impressed, she said, wow you brought luck.

I remember walking around with a big head for a day or two, thinking, boss, I have such control over cosmic phenomena and not to mention weather. All the way from Mumbai to Chennai to put my reins on the weather and make sure the lamps remained lit for a long time into the night.

Its that type of season again. But yesterday, which I started to talk about earlier here, was great fun. I finally swung down my legs and scooted out and started running. Since I have not changed my music for years now, it was the same old stuff. I put it on unshuffle mode, just for variation. I ran. It rained. I continued to run. It was great fun. I was glad I was wearing black dry-fit, because, you know, I got a bit wet from the pouring skies. And, you know, this is Chennai. I enjoyed it immensely, and was on an endorphin high all day.

But the thing is, all this running, its making me even smaller. I don't mean in a "Wowza! You have lost so much weight babe! Good for you! Looking good, girl!" type of way. But in a "Hey! What happened to you? Stuff some socks or something already now" type of situation. If you know what I mean. So that was my excuse for not getting out there and running today. There, the negative aspect of running. Possibly the only one I can think of. You heard it here first, ladies...


ChoxBox said...

running in rain must be AWESOME.

and land up in hyd asap. mom has already stacked up tons of murkul, faafda, gaathiya and such like, and we're a whole week away from the place.
once you hog all that stuff, you'll peacefully be able to run the rest of the year w/o weighty worries.

kbpm said...

chox-thanks that sounds tempting. but if i know these things right they will all gather on my tummy, which is already well-padded to compensate for rest of body. :(
i am really hungry now though so that stuff is sounding super tempting!!!

madrasi said...

put this in your book, please...