Friday, 9 May 2008

Wicked Wizard

The wizard was a dude wearing sunglasses and a naaasty banian (the kind I hate, with the long arm holes and tendency to show too much man cleavage). He strutted around with a broom and sang well and danced well too. Except that the pelvic thrust thing when they are in naaasty off-white pajama pants is well, a bit off-putting to put it mildly. Dorothy was good, nice high voice and that ability to carry a note strongly and for long (always makes me wonder what is inside their throats when they do that). I think the lion & Dorothy had a thing going, they seemed to hug far more than was really required. The lion was quite funny, and behind the painted whiskers and inside that orange suit, he must be a nice looking (if thin) boy, with a very good sense of humour.

Yeah, so I went and did one of the things I promised to do. The play was quite nice, if a bit weird for a four-year old (she was damn scared of the wicked witch). I laughed a fair bit. She hung on to me for dear life throughout. The bearded dude sitting next to her was totally going crazy cause mine child was whimpering like Toto for some strange reason. But it was a good bit of fun. Something different.

I managed to avoid all the expected melt-downs due to missing of the afternoon nap through clever strategies. Oh yeah, I did manage to get back to the missed calls I had had during the show so that the massive machinery that is my office-life did not come to a thorough stand-still due to my one afternoon of frivolity. I was expecting a very hep mother-crowd. But no. Most people smelled, including this little boy (ten years old maybe), who was stinking so much that I considered moving to the back of the line. Its called talcum powder and is available in handy sizes in every road-side shack-shop, people, please go line up now.

I drank a nice warm coffee in the ride back and she ate the white cream part of the mousse cup. Fine, I got some calories from that mousse thing, should have known that it was coming to me before I bought it. My resolve to be super-super-cautious through the week about junk food has gone a tad bit off, but hey, no regrets now! Though I do regret this morning's 'Laziness and Sloth' diatribe. I had woken up at 5:30 and done all the things I do of a morning. It was 10 when I reached office. I KNOW I said I am sort of taking it marginally easy what with it being summer vacations for the monster and all, but I just HATE spending so much time at home in the morning. I like to wake, efficiently go through the morning routine, get dressed, and get to work. BAM. Anyhow, I should have breathed deep and moved on.

Today afternoon I plan to unwind into the weekend by working from home while she sleeps. I usually end up being much more efficient when people are not coming up to me with their inane ideas and suggestions every few seconds. And I really need to be efficient and write up this very important thing that I have been putting off for eons now. Lets hope monster will co-operate and not (a) get coughing bouts during her nap (b) insist on neck-strangling me when she sleeps.
Deep breathing will surely be required.


Ludwig said...

> monster

To Whomsoever It May Concern:

Kenny keeps slandering the child on her blog day in and day out, and we can't take it any more!

The monster is a doll, and is to absolutely die for. We have photographic proof. One of these days, we'll post it. Just because she doesn't have a blog of her own, you can't go around saying mean things about her.


kbpm said...

ludwig you... traitor... after all i have done for you...

on the other hand, i do sort of like her and all, don't worry. the creature knows it and uses it to full advantage too.

try this-
I went to the play school to pick her up and SHE REFUSED TO COME BACK. She did the Indian hand thing and asked me 'What Amma' So I went, 'Well we are supposed to go home today remember, Half day today' she says 'No way, you go, come back only in the evening. I am playing here' So I pathetically say 'FINE I will come at 5' She is barely listening. But she manages to come back with 'Yeah Yeah come in the evening' :-( :-(