Thursday, 3 April 2008

Read my eye...

To be precise, read my eye. My left eye. All red and streaky with lines. What does that say to you?

My colleague came into my office and we were cribbing and sighing that its just a few more weeks to go of this semester. We went through the usual motions of how this one did that and that one said that and we are enormously busy with all kinds of random stuff going on. Then on to how we came here because we loved the job (in its ideal), and blah blah.

Suddenly she says, whats up with your eye. Then I recalled. It was red when I woke up in the morning. Remained so through the day, was also sort of burning. I mean it was nothing, just because I have not been sleeping so well of late thanks to my neck crick. Which, I do hope, is not spondolo-whatchammaycallit. That would be real funny. Anyway, it was only this eye thing as far as I was concerned, the neck felt reasonably better anyway. So I explained to her. She says, how about you go home and take a nap?

Well, theres a thought. I had woken up early, studied some, did the crazy morning stuff (thank god my mum is around! would have been a lot crazier if not!), shipped the monster off to 9 am school, arranged for her to be transferred to the creche at 11 am, did this that and the other. Meeting minutes. Notes. Class. Emails. General Stuff. Went to the creche at 1 pm, fetched the monster home. Shovelled lunch into my mouth. Extracted myself out of the home. Back to the hole thats my office. Counted spiders. Notes. Emails. Meetings to discuss earth-shattering stuff.

Then she showed up and gave me this splendid idea. Of course, I did not take it. I went with her and drank some over-sweet tea (Rs. 2.50) and returned to my hole. But it made me think. This is what I always tell my husband. OOH if you don't show up in office today its not as if the Indian economy is going to come crashing down. OOH if I go home and take an afternoon nap ONE DAY in six years the earth is not going to shatter. Seriously. I have gotto loosen up. Get that stick out.

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choxbox said...

go sleep girl. things really wont stop. promise.