Thursday, 24 April 2008

Life is so complicated...

I have been debating the whole entire day now. From the moment I woke up and saw the husband moonwalking out with his backpack. To my one open eye he whispered 'I am staying over there tonight' Its a testament to the solidity of our marriage that I did not bat that one open eye. Even as the mists of early morning sleep cleared, I knew what he meant. He is working late tonight and has a dinner to go to after, he has an early morning set of things at work tomorrow. So, on my expert advice, he booked himself a room in swish south bombay hotel.

Which sounds like a real sensible thing to do if you have ever met the Mumbai traffic. Or had the privilege of living in Powai and hauling ass to Nariman Point every single day of your weekday for six long years, morning and night. (Gosh! It feels almost like I have done this commute when in actuality its the husband person.)

So, coming back to my debate and complications pertaining to my life. This dinner tonight. It turns out, I am invited. Its late, so of course, the monster is *not* invited. Its in someone's place, I am getting the jitters thinking about how spectacular that house (not sure if its a flat, could even be a bungalow, rowrrrrr) must be, considering the guy (and his wife) are so so hep. I would usually dismiss this invite with a laugh and some snide remarks. Mentally filing away brownie points for myself about my whole attitude to parenting.

This time around is a bit different though. My mum is around. I am a bit worn out from the semester. My exam just finished today; the class is small. I am up-to-date on several things at work (which also goes to show that I have the time to write this blog post in the middle of an afternoon). The experience could be fun. But then, it means, leaving the monster back. Going away for the night (OH MY GOD!) Although its just here, it makes virtually no sense to get back late at night by myself. What about her potty? Night-time susu breaks? Dinner? Will she miss me? Will she mind? Will she cry? Will mum get really stressed out managing her? Will she be rude to my mom? Will she be mean & show her true colours and embarrass me thus? Will I regret the whole entire thing? Am I just doing this for the sake of a couple of drinks and a half an hour of conversation with my husband? (provided he does not get a phone call or email during that time from Singapore) How will I get there? Carbon foot-print issues?

For a girl, the only question I could answer comfortably and easily was, What will I wear. Yeah well, I thought about it. My orange shirt will be fine. Screw you for remembering that I bought it in Filene's Basement about ten years ago, I still fit in it (sort of), so there. There is nothing to think about in terms of footwear 'cause obviously my well worn Liz Cs are the only decent things that I own. I tend to slip a little in them since the heel is so worn out, but thats fine, manageable! Those other questions though are killing me.

But I am going anyway. Mum is game enough to manage the monster for one solitary night. And if she starts something or refuses to sleep, there is always the option of making her skip the creche tomorrow and just relax at home. Considering that mum had a good relaxing day today (apart from a trip to the supermarket in the middle of the day), and is lounging around in her brown nightgown, I am sure she can handle it. And one day, I will pay her back for it by being good and putting my clothes away as soon as she reminds me the second time...

I am ridiculously silly, I think its safe to say. Someone cut the cord already.


Serious Lounger said...

hehheh, such pangs, eh.. we dads manage a wee bit better what with the travel and commutes we end up with.. does get boring at home when the monsters are not there..the little monster might not even recognise me now - havent seen him for three weeks..

Sraikh said...

I hope you go. I never leave my kids alone because a) I have no parents to help out and 2) I am too cheap to spring for a babysitter. Have fun!

choxbox said...

haffun girl!

my cord cut itself. packed its own bag and pushed off to stay at BIL's where MIL was parked (while i was at mom's). while disappearing down in the lift, told me not to worry.

Airspy said...

Carry your laptop and set up a live-cam from home to the party.

Why do kids hate to admit that they are actually happy when left alone with folks older than us? Parents, nannies, any body..

kbpm said...

sl, i know, guys do much better. my husband exhibited no such qualms. i am sure little one will recognise you, ask them to keep showing him the mirror. :-) :-)

sraikh, baby sitter is a scary concept. despite reading several years worth of Calvin & Hobbes, and recognising that baby sitters should in fact be scared of my monster more than anything else.

airspy, funny girl. i went, no web-cam or anything. she would not even talk on the phone when i called.

choxbox, i have done it on rare occasions with grandparents. she is actually quite comfortable and happy to get rid of me. but still every time it feels like a big deal.

anyhoo, it was fun. i got some work done in the car last night, and also listened to my IPOD!! the hotel was nice of course. only regret is that i could have used an hour more of sleep. could not do that. we both had to rush to our separate engagements in the morning.