Friday, 11 May 2007

Vacation Time!

Its summer vacation time, as it were. I am going back home among bells and gongs. Just the child and me. The husband will be immensely missed, much tensions had about his dinner and breakfast, and also much anger felt regarding perceived messy state of house. Nevertheless, it will be a vacation. The best part is to get away from Mumbai, which is getting stickier by the minute.

My readers need not fear or groan however. Thanks to Reliance, I am expecting to be blogging away to glory. So when I manage to create more verses to the Ball of Kerrymuir, you all will be the first ones to hear.

Till then,



csm said...

am just a few blocks away from mysore.
enjoy. intense relief from being away from chennai

kbpm said...

csm-bhai come visit us. i will be there Sunday night. Sat night in bangalore with Vibha and Srivats. yeah! in Mysore we can go visit the zoo. we are regulars there of course. am definitely planning to visit father's birthplace too this time around.

csm said...

where is bloging away to glory?

am leaving on 14th marning back tochennai.
its tough to manage itineraries outside planned family outings.

we should do trip later.

and kannada is on the to-learn list. so tutoring is necessary. gothaitheya.

kbpm said...

ah kannada to be learnt. must first arm yourself with the 'Learn in Thirty Days' series of books. I am deeply interested in laying my hands on such a thing (for learning Marathi), but of course my hands are full of creating opportunities for child to learn Kannada so am reluctant to open up that can of worms.

I am yet to come up with a verse for the ball but maybe my next one will be of interest. or irritation.