Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Ten Vague Wishes

I am passing by the local fountain art-piece at the corner of the road, thinking, hey maybe this is a wishing well. What would I wish for, if it were so? Of course, I don't believe in such things so it will not be anything serious, but just in case someone was listening and went through the trouble of trying to make it all come true for me. Small things I wish I can do before lying down to rest. Simple dreams that are possible to achieve, without compromising much. Finally, wishes that, if they were to come true, would not increase my stress levels!!

Kayo, ready, launch-
1. Sit on my haunches and smoke a beedi
2. Drive an auto, preferably a bright purple one
3. Do the backstroke
4. Dance when sober
5. Ride a unicycle/tandem bike
6. Do five pull/chin-ups
7. Play soccer
8. Figure out what goes on in a spa
9. Sleep on a terrace, under the stars
10. Climb a tree

(in no particular sequence).

So come on, higher powers, lets rock, and umm roll.


SrgntPepper said...

here is suggestion for pulling off #2 in style

or this :

Vanessa said...

Thank god it was not a wishing well. :-)

kbpm said...

A bit too adventurous for me, that stuff. Only was thinking driving it for like 5 mins to see how it feels! Thanks tho' for links it is fascinating to see the humble auto celebrated thus.

What would you wish for?

Vanessa said...

Thanks kbpm, for asking me such a question :-) Nobody has ever done so.....I really have no answer, can't even come up with the weird things that you did.
My only wish at times is to have a time machine. Live the good times over and over again, Correct mistakes done in the past....etc

csm said...

can get 1, 2, 4, 7, 10 done.

kbpm said...

unfortunately, the higher powers that visit my blog cannot create breaks in the space-time continuum. nevertheless, i think you echo everyones sentiments when you talk of time machines. sure, would be swell, i would go back and make sure i went all out for that medal back in college, and did not succumb to idealistic stuff and step back from it. but to what avail? not sure of that!

especially counting on you for soccer. i am a mean fighting machine there though its been ages since i last played.

hows the motorbike doing? are you inspired to graduate to rick?

thank you all

Pipa said...
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