Thursday, 2 June 2016

The room on the roof

I have occasionally spent time in this guest room in our house, in the past. It's a nice one. It's all the way up, and is kind of cosy. It has a balcony, which holds much attraction to me especially in the morning after my workout when I want: cool tiled floor & good air circulation as I dry off and try my various experiments. So yeah, I am back here for a bit and it has been quite nice, after I did a round of nagging and got all the clutter cleared up.

It's a room that - as long as no one else is breathing nearby - is ideal for writing. The weather in Chennai in May/Jun/Jan/Whenever being what it is, you can't expect much other than what a good air-conditioner can provide to you. Yes, a certain coconut tree swaying in the distance, cool fresh air finding its way in through the door & out through the wide-open window, would be nice. But aside from a few early morning minutes, not practical.

So I sit. My usual pose - back against a propped up pillow - on the mattress which is on the floor (since we gave away the bed) - conditioned air in my face - a certain rumbling noise that the fan makes (which, late at night, feels like someone climbing laboriously up the stairs) in my ears - and open up my dearly beloved but sadly neglected blog.

Sometimes, there is no specific plan or theme in my mind as I type. Over the past year or two, I have ached, longed and craved for this 15 minutes of time and space. To allow the fingers to roam over the keyboard, free. It has been difficult. Remembering your to-do list is a bad thing, I have routinely scolded myself and moved to more 'useful' ways of spending time, than.. just.. rambling.

Yesterday my friends and I had a cup of coffee. It's what we do, on a sort of routine basis nowadays. Long hours are not spent. Far distances are not covered. Major culinary explorations are not indulged in. We have 3-4 standard haunts and  our standard order of South Indian Filter Coffee. A quick download of anything of importance happening in our lives. A joke or two. A selfie. It is amazing how much it recharges!

I came back up to my room on the roof after coffee, and despite working with a not-very-reliable dongle (since my Fibernet wifi doesn't reach too well up here), I managed to get so many things done. I am particularly proud of some writing I did, which should be ready to be read in a week's time. The flow was great, and I was "in the zone" - a place I haven't been in, in a while.

I was sure it was momentary, and that the myriad compulsions I find myself in through the day, the unending lists of tasks in my mind and on the lists I make on Evernote, would quickly put an end to it. Am glad to find myself here, again. A few snatches of conversation with my family downstairs. A nice cup of coffee. A climb back up to my haunt here. Yes, this is it.  

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madrasi said...

nice. looking forward to this piece of writing...