Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Text overload

I have been trying hard enough to include images along with my blog posts. I guess it makes it catchy or something. To you. But to me, it's just a royal pain in the ass. So I won't. Deal with it.

We were on this nice road trip recently. Spent some time with mom, in Mysore. What's not to like? It was great. I met family, enjoyed the cool weather, ran a bit, walked with mom, chilled. The food still tastes best there, though it does occasionally taste of guilt 'cause mom is 69 years old, to my 41.

Bandipur national forest was a great experience. I screwed up in not booking to stay there longer. Oh yes, I have some nice photos but I am not in the mood to share them. And no, we did not see a single cat. Wait. Except for the tiny white thing that was flitting around under our table in the restaurant.

"Please write about us in tripadvisor ma'am" the guy said. Dude, yeah, I will, I must, it was gobs of run.

We hightailed it to Coonoor next. It took forever to find the damned place. And we were not too happy overall. The sightseeing was done in like 3 hours. We watched bucketloads of TV and hung around. I had a nice circuit training workout one day forcing a reluctant child to join me.

"Do you have any Mallu friends?" asked the very Mallu lady who was a masseuse. (Yes, it was great, my foot pain almost disappeared after the massage). And yeah, sure, I have many good Mallu friends and one Frenemy as well.

Back to base with a child who has a stomach bug (don't ask), a headache that is refusing to go away, and bucketloads of work pending at home and at office. If I write in half sentences, you will forgive me. If I sound cross you will ignore it. If I make any typos, however, be sure to come after me with a sledgehammer....

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