Friday, 21 March 2014

Left Right Left; Left Left; Left Right Left

That's exactly how they used to call the march back when I was a little kid weighing less than 40 kilos and being shouted at by mom for not eating. "You will faint in the sun" she would yell. "No ma, just got to wiggle my toes inside the shoe" I would retort, try my absolute best to eat, and go away. To my credit, despite lots of robust looking girls falling down, I never once in all my years in NCC, did. [But once along the Charles River, running, I did. That was so weird].

What I guess I am trying to say is that March is Marching on and I have no idea if it's going or coming. Likewise, wiggle my toes as much as I do, I cannot tell what's going on with me either. Days seem to roll by and suddenly someone has a birthday and I have forgotten and then I have forgotten all that's important to everyone else and they all hate me and at least I haven't fainted recently.

In bullet points:

* Pinkathon  is a women-only run (3km, 5 km and 10 km) that's coming to Chennai on April 13th. I am a brand ambassador (with 6 others!) for this. I don't know what it means but generally I wear a lot of pink and try to see if women want to run with me or train with me or something. If you are reading this, do go register, it will fun, I swear (and also, Milind Soman). I am hoping I am allowed to run my heart out as I haven't run a 10km race in a while.

* teaching 2 courses all at once is.. well.. actually pretty darn fun. I am trying to optimise my time though I have successfully lost my attendance sheet so have to optimise my searching for things in the Bermuda Triangle of my office

* Election year means I have to catch up on all that politics and current affairs type things I usually ignore. In other words, I have to call mom and make her synthesise this information without digressing into random stories.

* My New Year resolutions have all died an untimely (or timely) death. And to think they were silly ones like drink water and read the paper! Imagine if I had made real ones - how bad it would be! I am going to make the same as Birthday resolutions and see how far it takes me. Maybe to June at least, I hope.

* I am celebrating Women's Day all days of March. Why not. Writing. Talking. Making it all happen. Is good fun. I have lovely women friends after all, even if my first three BFFs are men.

Over and out.
Forward March.
Sir Yes Sir. 

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simple girl..... said...

the title reminds me of the fabulous march past in school's post day ... all the best for the pinkathon ..