Friday, 14 February 2014

Running, Musing, Writing

I know I look like I was walking or dancing or falling down. But I wasn't. I ran a decent enough race and stuck to the goal and finished the Auroville Half Marathon 2014 in 1:57 and with nothing to complain about! I had company throughout and soaked in the glory of the Auro forest. Words can't do justice to its immense beauty. The weekend itself was super with friends and family.

As the work week unfolded and got busier and busier, I almost forgot about my outing. Thankfully, there is Facebook to remind me. This week has been another mother-daughter bonding one. Except for a brief while last night at 9:30, I am happy that I have maintained my temper and my equanimity.

This year somehow there are many more 'projects' the child has to do. I used to feel very enthusiastic about these charts and so on few years ago, but not much any more. I guess I blame lack of time. Anyway I also decided (or was imposed upon to decide) this year that my involvement would be minimal in these. That has translated into needing to go on many 'walks.'

When we replaced our printer recently, I steam-rolled the family and insisted on a practical black and white one that can also photocopy/fax/scan. I still think it was the right call though I get it from them on an almost daily basis for it. So, I have to take these 'walks' to the icky colour printout shop in the neighborhood. The only good thing about this is that right now she is at the perfect height for me to put my arms on her shoulder when we walk!

Strangely, I don't feel like reading. I haven't read a book in a while now. I pored over the Runner's World (three of them!) cover to cover; but now I have several new books lined up that I haven't started on. It could be because I am busy with a magazine I am involved in writing stuff for. Or because of desperately trying to reduce reading mileage/time of child. Or the blasted iPhone....

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