Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Morning Blues & Coffees Cold

I may or may not have deleted an entire post here recently. And judging by my really slow, treacle slow posting this year, it was an expensive delete - of sorts. I don't know. Something is going on and I have a lot of draft posts and very few that I manage to finish and hit publish on.

Unrelatedly, I woke up at  a decent hour this morning - 6 am - not the insanely early times I am clocking of late. The household is still asleep. One of those days when we don't need to be up early for our various madnesses.

And I was wondering about this. Every day, when I wake up, I boil milk and make a filter of coffee and make three cups of various beverages for us. I am, I would say, very diligent about this. And I fetch the beverages upstairs to our bedroom.

When child & husband wake up, they have at hand, their respective beverages (after they brush their teeth of course, that goes without saying). Depending on the difference in time between their waking up and mine, these may be quite cold but they don't seem to care.

No one brings me coffee in the early mornings. Like, ever. Never. Sometimes when I am visiting mum she may make me a cup of coffee and have it all ready in the kitchen when I come out. But that has also been a while.

At 6:12 am today, I was wondering if I ought to be sad about this. Then I remembered that I am practical like that. I need what I need. And what I need first of all is a cup of coffee, mixed my way, within 10 minutes of my waking up. The timing is key.

It means I wake up, brush, slide down the bannister (not, don't have one, would if I did, for sure), and fire up the stove. Most days I drink instant coffee in the morning and save the decoction thingie for later. They taste different, in general I like the brewed coffee better (I am a thoroughbred Mysore girl no?), but I like the instant for early morning.

As I grow older, I find myself getting more and more particular about these things. I wouldn't, for example, like to drink a cold cup of coffee before my run/workout. Among other things. This has been bothering me though, I hate to feel like I am an inflexible person.

So today, I have placed a little lid on top of their mugs. So that the heat is retained inside for at least another half hour. I am sure how this helps me feel better, but it does. If they wake up much later today, well, too bad. I will be out of the house, wrapped up in a maroon sari, and being very busy through the day my dears.


Ludwig said...

dipali said...

Did ther appreciate the lidded cups?

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

Dipali- I forgot to ask. And forgot to put lids on from next day. :(

Airspy said...

visiting here after long years. my younger would shriek if the said beverage is a milli-degree colder, my older would sulk when it is anything above freezing.