Monday, 8 April 2013

Another one!

I had another birthday. Yes. Relentless these things are, following year after year with no letting up. In the days leading up to it, I felt like this was a momentous one. Conventionally, the next one would be the 'important' one as I hit forty. But technically, my fortieth year is now running, as of yesterday, so I was gulping a lot and feeling a bit excited, a bit worried.

So, 39 years old. Seriously, when I was in grad school, especially that bad bad year 2000 when I thought the whole world was against me (I still feel that sometimes, but 2000 was the worst, I swear, because I was living in someone's living room and drinking a lot of ginger flavoured brandy), I was pretty sure I wouldn't make it this far. Ridiculous, I know!

The thirties have been great actually - who knew? I had a baby. The baby is a big girl and we share footwear already, now. We have a home. With a giant swing and a wooden staircase. I found running. Or maybe it found me. My friends circle exploded and diversified big time. There were bad times but the good easily outnumbered those. I have very less to complain about, really.

In fact, I am ready to move on to my forties. I can't wait for these 365 days (364 now) to pass so that I will be 40 years old, fully and totally. Somewhere along the way, I felt like my thirties were much more enjoyable then my twenties. So of course I am hopeful that the forties will be even better!

For now I leave you with children on the swing. Yes, it can handle all of them together!


Simplethoughts said...

Happy Birthday Preethi! May your forties bring you loads of happiness.

dipali said...

Enjoy this year! And so far, for me at 57, barring some aches and pains, things only seem to get better:)