Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Reflecting Back

I am at a loose end. The semester is done and dusted. I finished correcting my final exam papers today and will upload the grades tomorrow. The marathon is done with. I have a couple of loose ends to tie up in the campus, but otherwise its well and truly behind us. We were working for a while on a couple of abstracts for an upcoming conference and they are submitted (and accepted! yeah!) as well.

So now I am in that time of the year - no particularly insane deadlines. I am reviewing a few papers tomorrow - they are due back end of day - but its not very stressful I don't think. I have no classes to prepare for in the immediate future. I don't even have a race coming up in the near future to train for. Of course there is Mumbai - its about 40 days away now - but I am not worrying as much about it as last year... yet...

I love and hate this time. I love it because it gives me the freedom and time to think about things. To make plans for the future. Oh yes, I make lots and lots of plans. Constantly bombarding my own brain with ideas. So what if many of them come to nothing. I hate it because I miss the structure, the pressure, the insanity of my usual life.

I think I made the best of it today. Legs and back routine. Made the child's lunch dabba. Graded papers in a frenzy. Had a couple of meetings in my office, and caught up with my friend Basa for a quick lunch. Returned home and had the pest control guys do a full thorough sweep of the house including the basement with the cricket infestation. Emails. Catalogued the home library a little bit. Cooked dinner.

There are a number of other things I could have done. Things on my list for a while now - but its fine. I can do them tomorrow. And then on Friday off I go to Kolkatta for a couple of days. I expect that next week - especially if I tie up 2-3 things tomorrow - will be super awesome. I hope that I will have that quiet time to read/write that has been elusive all semester long. Heck, all year long.

Its December. Time for music, resolutions, good weather, and catching up with friends. This blog should also see more love from me this month. After all, its the birth month for the blog formerly known as musings from mumbai. A cause for celebration, for sure. 

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