Wednesday, 7 November 2012

November once more

I have been feeling vaguely uneasy. Realised it is because I have not been writing enough. I don't usually have very specific things I write on this blog, as its name suggests, its a bunch of musings. Sometimes they are coherent, most times they are just rambly. Still, it serves the important function in my life of keeping my head straight.

My head definitely needs straightening right now as I am going through a phase of having so much to do that I don't know where to start. I have kept a few things constant in this time of change. One is that, except for a few days in between, I have been exercising. I have kept it at low intensity for the most part, concentrated on using weights, and it has been good.

The other constant has been my class. I don't have much choice in this, of course, but it is still good as it gives structure to my days. I feel like time would just get frittered away into an empty whole lot of nothing (meetings, browsing, talking, worrying), if not for it. I am feeling wistful because the end of the semester is upon us and my teaching assignment for anon is going to be done with.

I wouldn't say that life has been bad. It has been a time of realisation and growth, these past few weeks. Conflictingly, I feel a major pang looking at how tiny the child is when she walks into school when I drop her off. Then when I pick her up and we are chatting about her day (the little runt never asks me about MY day, dammit!), I suddenly feel overwhelmed at how adult-like she sounds.

I know the teenage years are not going to be easy. Already, we seem to hit heads against each other often. And there is the element of her father. Increasingly, that which at all costs I was hoping to avoid is happening. We are parent+child pitted against the other parent many a time. I can delude myself into believing that I am the parent in the combo but thats just not true. It depends on the situation.

The house is almost free of the worker crews. But that is frustrating in itself as there are many small things that need to be done before we can fully settle into it and they are dragging their feet on that. This deepavali, we were hoping, would be the end of it all, but sadly, its not to be. Now I am gunning for New Year's. My husband thinks that ridiculously long. We'll see.

The phone is acting wonky now. I am hoping I can push it for a bit longer. My clothes have all turned spontaneously nasty (and they fit me weird too now that I have reduced workout intensity and running mileage). When my mum was here we bought some cloth and the tailor is working on them now, so thats good.

I am done musing, and need to switch windows and work on a few letters that I am writing to various people. And make up an online feedback form for class that I suddenly feel like. Not to mention those drafts of papers to read. You get the drift. I leave you with a photo of friends, me, child, nephew and niece that appeared in The Hindu recently. You can try to figure out who is who, as an exercise. :-)

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