Friday, 13 July 2012

Blank Slate

I have been away too long. I know. It is not necessarily the actual number of days. Its the mental state of being away from something and completely not thinking about it. Of course, as I often say, it all happens for the best. Everything. That means even my little break.

I have been going around saying that I have been living in the dark ages. It sure feels that way. Thinking back to two weeks ago, or three, rather, I would have said that the thing I need foremost in my new place is internet. Screw the rest of the things. I can manage without. But internet, I need, like I need air.

But guess what? I did NOT manage to arrange that little thing till yesterday. Yes. 12 whole days without access to the net. And I did just fine. For the first few days it was really complete denial. Then I requested a quick shot, I mean slot, on the ipad. Which looks beautiful and is real handy when we are going somewhere and are desperate for directions, but totally sucked for me.

I feel like the whole thing has been therapeutic in some way. Like I should now be starting on a brand new thing, a blank slate of some sort. Even though home internet seems far away still, as they are figuring out 'feasibility.' In a fit of desperation, I procured a Reliance-whatchammacallit which explains how I am here. And I am happy. Though I must now run and figure out some business about homework. Fourth standard, after all. 


Unknown said...

Incidentally XKCD came up with this :)

Choxbox said...

Dongle I think its called. Doesn't always work. I just plug my iPhone into the Macbook, and it works like a charm. Tryyit.

Btw just got back from my neighbour = your branchie's place. Had some swell peppermint chai.

Preeti Aghalayam aka kbpm said...

Chox - I dont have an iphone! The reliance thing is not bad. Been using it at home now. At any rate my primary internet is at office, and my vacation is done and I am at office, so its cool.