Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Song Sung Blue

I was in the car the other day with some stuff blaring from my ipod. I was super surprised to hear the niece and nephew sing along with it! I mean, my own child (who is years younger than them) also sings some of it, only from listening to it while I drive (and I carefully censor it. Well somewhat carefully at least). But still, that was a big revelation! The kids are growing up.

My New Yorker friend was never into music. So when we hung out we never listened to music. We just chatted. For hours upon hours. And we drove around the city. And we went and each had our favourite drinks. His poison being whiskey and mine being a stout beer. After a point, he was drinking beer as well, but thats not the story here.

Several years later, after we both graduated and moved on, we were chatting and he was telling me about his adventures at Karaoke. And I was most surprised to hear him belt out a Neil Diamond song. Which one was it now? Oh yes, Sweet Caroline. At his wedding they of course played it and he was super happy on joy and whiskey and Neil Diamond! That was pretty awesome!

The husband is quietly twanging out song after song on the guitar now. He was inspired by our friend Bannu to pick up the stringed wonder again. We hauled ass to Mylapore or something and got him a medium grade guitar. And he, his ipad, youtube, and guitar are now forever together and ignoring anything we say. Its pretty nice though I just hope he will let me sing along s'time!

I am not like big time into music or anything but seriously I don't know if I could survive without it. I am super glad for both my ipods, and just wish that all my earphones but one had not disappeared. The one surviving pair has to serve as my running and office thing and its icky and nasty and I am reluctant to buy one more knowing that they are all hiding somewhere in my effects.

And now I am wondering if I should conduct an experiment during my runs with various types of music. I doubt whether I could bear with slokas or anything in sanskrit. I can barely stand it when the shuffle brings up some Hindi. But somehow it might be time for a change. I have heard people talk about listening to one album per run. For sure Murakami does that. And that might well be what I would like to do.

But first to solve the mystery of the missing earphones... 

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