Friday, 6 April 2012

The When, The How, The What for

I need to get my running mileage up. Thats it. No two ways about it. I have slacked off plenty since the big Mumbai marathon party, and the time has come. The list of excuses is long, and ever growing:

  • Ankle twist
  • Weird Plantar like pain
  • Child's swimming class
  • Husband's gymming sessions
  • Traveling
  • Partying
  • Weather sucks
  • Oh my period!
But these are not new. Everyone knows this stuff. I know all of this. I definitely fully expect all these things. I live in Chennai. The city is not going to get air-conditioned. My ankle ligaments are torn/strained/non-existent for the past 20 years. Plantar & ITB are a runner's best friends. The child and husband are not stay-at-home sleepy folks - they are active and crazy and I love them for it. I haven't even travelled or partied over-much. In fact, I have stuck to my resolutions on the party front very well indeed. And about the last thing? Well, I had whole posts planned but somehow not moved it past the drafts. A period is no reason to not run. In fact, I have run most of my half marathons while having a period in various stages. I would infinitely prefer to not have my period during a race, in fact, I would prefer not having the damn thing at all, but it has been a part of my life for so many years now. It can hardly be the excuse for not stepping out for an hour. 

The When:
I need to get a rhythm going. I was running Tue-Wed-Thu-Sat during Mumbai training. I cannot run Tue-Thu any more as those are swimming days. But that is good. I can totally run Wed-Fri-Sun and make up the mileage. I never do intervals/tempo/speed etc. workouts anyway. So it is real easy. Wed-Fri are peaceful 12km run days, and Sunday is the monster long run. Super easy. Sunday is a long swim session for child so she is unlikely to miss or need me, at any rate!

The How:
One foot in front of another. Thats how.

The What for:
Well, yes. I hear you, you stupid voice. I am a middle-aged (like hell. I am reaching old age already. Been middle-aged for nearly a decade now!). A has-been. Mommy-fat-hobby-jogger. I am unlikely to break into any big leagues. In fact, I am more likely to injure myself with the thought of the big league. But that doesn't matter. I need to keep my running mileage up because thats what I do. My next race might be months away now (September), but it will soon be close. I may not win any prizes. But I am sure as hell going to aim to finish strong. I do my share of core, and strength, and weight workouts these days, because its good to have all this in the mix. Also, I swim now. But at the end, what I do is run. In my long life I have been a basketball player, a long jumper, a shot-putter, a soccer player, all with varying degrees of ineptitude, but all through, I have been a runner. And thats at the center of everything now as well. 

The 136kms I have run in the past six weeks? Is just too damn depressing. No, I am not going to Pam Reid it up by running the remainder 164kms of my goal starting now and ending day after tomorrow, setting a record and having local media click pics while at it. No. I am going to do my best tomorrow, in a real long run, and then re-negotiate my goals...

This.. ain't going to cut it...


Bannu said...

Hey, HBD. Hope you have lots of happy running miles in store for you the coming year.

Choxbox said...

tangent: did ya check my colour mixing posts?
please to do so, and look for holes and point them out please.